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Donell JonesArtist info Donell Jones (born May 22, 1973) is an American R&B singer, songwriter and producer, most notable for the hits "U Know What's Up", "Where I Wanna Be" and his cover of Stevie Wonder's "Knocks Me Off My Feet".Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jones' upbringing was rough. He struggled between wanting to be a musician and to be a member of a street gang. After a brush with death, Jones left the gang and focused on a music career forming the group Porscha... Read more

Donell Jones-Oh Na Na Na
Donell Jones Ooh Na Na Lyrics *** Complimentary Ooh Na Na Ringtone *** o you know wasup oh whoa whoa you know you got somehtin I want tonight do do ...

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Litanosuke Select "Journey of a Gemini" 2006.

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Donell Jones "Ooh Na Na" Yo yo what's up Oh oh oh You know you got something I want (you know) You ready baby [Verse 1] It's only been a day And I ain't ...

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Donell Jones -- Journey Of A Gemini Journey Of A Gemini is the fourth studio album by American singer Donell Jones Released: June 20, 2006 Label: ...

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na.

Donell Jones Ooh Na Na 2oo6
Hope y'all dig it !-.-! ............................................................................................... This SNIPPET is for promotional use only, i don't support filesharing,...

Donell Jones Oh Na Na Na

Donell Jones - You Know That I Love You
Donell Jones' official music video for 'You Know That I Love You'. Click to listen to Donell Jones on Spotify:

Donell Jones -Journey of a Jemini (Full Album) :Track List 1. Special Girl 2. Better Start Talking- featuring Jermaine Dupri 3. I'm Gonna Be 4. My Apology 5. Spend The Night 6.

Donell Jones - No Interruptions
Donell Jones - No Interruptions "No Interruptions" [Chorus] You know what I want (ooohh) You know what I need Come on and do me right, tonight You know ...

Donell Jones - Feelin' You
Donell Jones - Feelin' You.

Donell Jones - Spend the Night

Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be
Donell Jones' official music video for 'Where I Wanna Be'. Click to listen to Donell Jones on Spotify: As ...

Donell Jones - Lust or Love

Yearnin'- Donell Jones

Big Pun - It's So Hard ft. Donell Jones
Big Pun's official music video for 'It's So Hard'. Click to listen to Big Pun on Spotify: As featured on Yeeeah Baby. Click to buy ...

Donell Jones - Girl's Friend
Donell Jones - Life Goes On - Girl's Friend Whoa Whoa ooohhh Oohh yeah yeah Whoa whoa ahh yeah…. My ex-girlfriend ain't a friend of mine huh yeah My ...

Donell Jones - Oh How I Wonder
Donell Jones - Oh How I Wonder.

Donell Jones - Pushin'
Donell Jones -- Where I Wanna Be Where I Wanna Be is the second studio album by R&B singer Donell Jones Released: May 29, 1999 Label: ...

Donell Jones - Spend The Night
Donell Jones "Spend The Night" [Verse 1] Listen girl, its getting hot in here And ya making me feel Like you wanna do something, oh girl Whats on your mind I ...

Donell Jones - Don't Leave
Donell Jones "Don't Leave" Don't leave, cuz I really wanna love you So what you wanna do, I gotta be with you tonight Don't leave, cuz I really wanna love you ...

Donell Jones - All Her Love (Lyrics)
Content owner: Sony Music Entertainment Type: Audio content Donell Jones - All Her Love I decided to make this video because i love this song! It applies to ...

Donell Jones - Special Girl
Donell Jones "Special Girl" [Verse: Donell Jones] (I'm looking for that special girl, that special girl) All ya single ladies best look out for me I'm the hottest single ...

Donell Jones - Don't Leave (HQ)
Life Goes On ... 2002 !!!

Donell Jones - Still
Donell Jones "Still" [Intro] Uh, what What's goin' on Yeah, uh, what What's goin' on Seemed like everything was cool Until you came home yesterday (What's ...

Donell Jones - Imagine That
Donell Jones - Imagine That.

Donell Jones - I Hope It's You
Donell Jones "I Hope It's You" Someone who can satisfy my every little need I'm hoping it's you I've been waiting for someone to bring their love to me I'm hoping ...

Cuttin' Me Off by Donell Jones (Song and Pics)
I like this song, so I made a Video-Slideshow for it. Enjoy! Lyrics: [Intro] Oh yeah ooh Let me talk to you girl [Verse 1] Said I didn't lie told you where I'd be I'd be ...

Donell Jones - Cuttin' Me Off
Donell Jones - Cuttin' Me Off.

Donell Jones - Can't Wait
Donell Jones - Can't Wait off the Album Entitled Journey Of A Gemini.

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