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Donell JonesArtist info Donell Jones (born May 22, 1973) is an American R&B singer, songwriter and producer, most notable for the hits "U Know What's Up", "Where I Wanna Be" and his cover of Stevie Wonder's "Knocks Me Off My Feet".Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jones' upbringing was rough. He struggled between wanting to be a musician and to be a member of a street gang. After a brush with death, Jones left the gang and focused on a music career forming the group Porscha... Read more

Donell Jones-Oh Na Na Na
Donell Jones Ooh Na Na Lyrics *** Complimentary Ooh Na Na Ringtone *** o you know wasup oh whoa whoa you know you got somehtin I want tonight do do ...

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Litanosuke Select "Journey of a Gemini" 2006.

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Donell Jones "Ooh Na Na" Yo yo what's up Oh oh oh You know you got something I want (you know) You ready baby [Verse 1] It's only been a day And I ain't ...

Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na
Donell Jones - Ooh Na Na.

Donell Jones Oh Na Na Na

Donell Jones Ooh Na Na 2oo6
Hope y'all dig it !-.-! ............................................................................................... This SNIPPET is for promotional use only, i don't support filesharing,...

Donell Jones -Journey of a Jemini (Full Album) :Track List 1. Special Girl 2. Better Start Talking- featuring Jermaine Dupri 3. I'm Gonna Be 4. My Apology 5. Spend The Night 6.

Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be
Donell Jones' official music video for 'Where I Wanna Be'. Click to listen to Donell Jones on Spotify: As ...

Donell Jones - All Her Love (Lyrics)
Content owner: Sony Music Entertainment Type: Audio content Donell Jones - All Her Love I decided to make this video because i love this song! It applies to ...

Donell Jones - Spend The Night
Donell Jones "Spend The Night" [Verse 1] Listen girl, its getting hot in here And ya making me feel Like you wanna do something, oh girl Whats on your mind I ...

Yearnin'- Donell Jones

Donell Jones - Special Girl
Donell Jones "Special Girl" [Verse: Donell Jones] (I'm looking for that special girl, that special girl) All ya single ladies best look out for me I'm the hottest single ...

Donell Jones - Don't Leave
Donell Jones "Don't Leave" Don't leave, cuz I really wanna love you So what you wanna do, I gotta be with you tonight Don't leave, cuz I really wanna love you ...

Donell Jones - Can't Wait
Donell Jones - Can't Wait off the Album Entitled Journey Of A Gemini.

Donell Jones - No Interruptions
Donell Jones - No Interruptions "No Interruptions" [Chorus] You know what I want (ooohh) You know what I need Come on and do me right, tonight You know ...

Donell Jones - Can't Wait
Donell Jones - Can't Wait.

Donell Jones-"Special Girl" Video & Gonna Be (rmx) featuring DJ DOITALL
Donell Jones New Video!! Featuring DJ DOITALL in the "Im Gonna Be" (rmx)

Donell Jones - Still
Donell Jones "Still" [Intro] Uh, what What's goin' on Yeah, uh, what What's goin' on Seemed like everything was cool Until you came home yesterday (What's ...

Donell Jones - Guilty By Suspicion
Donell Jones - Guilty by Suspicion.

Donell Jones - Portrait of a Woman
Donell Jones "Portrait Of A Woman" I've done my girl so wrong and i don't know what i was thinking now she's gone cause she was fed up with me (this is a ...

Donell Jones - Feelin' You
Donell Jones - Feelin' You.

Donell Jones - Comeback
Donell Jones - Comeback I remember when we used to love It seems like yesterday You know that I understand But I wish that you could stay But you live far ...

Donell Jones - My apology
decent track.

Donell Jones - Cry
Donell Jones - Cry.

Donell Jones - It's Alright
Donell Jones - It's Alright.

Donell Jones - My Apology
Donell Jones "My Apology" [Verse 1:] Oh why Oh why Oh why you let me do the things I do But you never did it to me? I can't believe that I could treat my baby so ...

Donell Jones "Come Back"
Donell Jones "Come Back"

Cuttin' Me Off by Donell Jones (Song and Pics)
I like this song, so I made a Video-Slideshow for it. Enjoy! Lyrics: [Intro] Oh yeah ooh Let me talk to you girl [Verse 1] Said I didn't lie told you where I'd be I'd be ...

Donell Jones-Cry
This is my first time making any video of anything. so don't be to harsh. i tried 2 make a story along with the song. but it didn't really connect as well as i wanted it ...

Donell Jones - Cuttin' Me Off
Donell Jones - Cuttin' Me Off.

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