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E-RoticArtist info E-Rotic is a German techno/hip house/eurodance group. They are mostly known for their use of sexual topics and innuendo in their music.Originally comprising of Lyane Leigh and American-born Raz-Ma-Taz (Richard Michael Smith), the group started in 1994 and recorded throughout the rest of the 1990s. However by June 1996, both members of the group had left due to a disagreement between Leigh and producer David Brandes... Read more

E Rotic Help Me Dr Dick

E-rotic - Max don't have sex with your ex

E-Rotic - Greatest Tits (The Best Of) (1998 / Full Album).wav
01. The Horniest Single In The World 02. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (04:00) 03. Willy Use A Billy...Boy (07:30) 04. Help Me Dr. Dick (11:12) 05.

E-Rotic ‎– Greatest Tits: The Best Of E-Rotic
1. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex ( 00:00 ) 2. Fred Come To Bed ( 03:31 ) 3. Sex On The Phone ( 07:29 ) 4. Willy Use A Billy... Boy ...

E-Rotic - King Kong

E-Rotic - Turn Me On (1997)
E-Rotic - Turn Me On (1997)

E-rotic - Moonlight Shadow (remix)
A nice video from Vampire Hunter D to the sound of Moonlight Shadow.


E-ROTIC - Help me Doctor Dick!!!!!
Mannheim Germany 1996 Live concert. This song can also be used with pleasure on swinger group sex parties... Try out this one if you need more: ...

E-ROTIC - GREATEST TITS. The Best Of (Full album)
BAD BOYS BLUE - 30 GREATEST HITS ♫ Boney M & Bobby Farrell - Disco Collection ♫ FANCY ...

I mixed this funny cartoon with the song written by Chris Norman for " E-ROTIC...seems a bit strange, but it's true The others authors are David Brandes, Jane ...

E-Rotic - Help Me Dr.Dick

E-Rotic - Fritz Love My Tits (HD) VIVA [1996] ▻ OLDSCHOOL TV ▻ HD video of music "Fritz Love My Tits" released by german eurodance group E-Rotic in 1996 ...

E-Rotic - Fred Come To Bed
Overlay live video with CD soundtrack.

E-rotic - Fred Come To Bed

E-Rotic - Oh La La La
E-Rotic - Oh La La La.

E-Rotic - Help Me Doctor Dick (Extended Version)
E-Rotic - Help Me Doctor Dick (Extended Version)

E-rotic - Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Live (Widescreen - 16:9)

▶▶▶ E-ROTIC - Murder Me ◀◀◀

E-Rotic - Sex On The Phone

E-rotic - Max don't have sex with your ex (extended)
E-rotic - Max don't have sex with your ex extended version from 1994 Lyrics: Oh, Max, Don't have sex Well, I'm ...

E-Rotic - QUEEN OF LIGHT (EurovisionPreselection) - Germany
2000 , Live , Grand Prix , Eurovision , Vorentscheid , ESC , Deutschland , Diskoteka , Дискотека 80-х , Eurodisco , Eurodance , Polska , Россия , Диско ...

DOWNLOAD : MUSICAS : 1-Max don't have sex with your ex 2-Big max 3-Sex me 4-Come on make love to me 5-Fred come to bed 6-Wild love ...

E-ROTIC live Finland 30.04.15
thanks to Ilmo Laukkanen for the Videos! here i put all together! !!! THE WAY TO AMARILLO is not a E-Rotic Song JUST a PartyBonus at the Show !!! need to say ...

E-Rotic - The Winner Takes It All.
E-Rotic - The Winner Takes It All.

E-Rotic - Badboy
E-Rotic - Badboy.

E-Rotic - Kiss Me (HD) (With Lyrics)
1999 From the CD/Cassette (Album): Kiss Me and on Maxi CD as well... More about kiss me: (Album) ...

E-Rotic - I Want You

E-Rotic - Why
E-Rotic - Why.

E-Rotic-Im Over You
love it!

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