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Ernie HalterArtist info Ernie Halter is a soul-infused pop/rock singer-songwriter, a guy who’s been influenced as much by Paul McCartney as he has by Otis Redding. His fans remark, "Don’t wrack your brain trying to categorize him. Just listen to his music." Born in Inglewood, CA and raised in Orange County, he's been based out of the musical paradise of Nashville, TN for years now... Read more

Ernie Halter - Whisper [With Lyrics]
How do I ask her to come back to me After I told her goodbye How do I love her so desperetly And for so long I pushed her for side How do I walk back into her ...

Ernie Halter - Pretty Girl (Album version)
Most girls wish that they had your eyes And boys secretly fantasize Who me? I am just mesmerized by your every word and movement You are close as a girl ...

Something's Come Over Me- Ernie Halter
I do not own any rights to this song! I love Ernie Halter. White boy got soooul.

Ernie Halter - Uptown Funk (Sad Acoustic Version)
My sad rainy day interpretation of Uptown Funk. Played in DADGAD (the saddest of all tunings). Wanna help me make stuff like this? Become a Patron today at ...

Ernie Halter "Lighthouse"
Ernie Halter plays "Lighthouse" for us in the Relay Recording Studio.

Ernie Halter & Tony Lucca - Whisper
Trish's House Concert 11/13/06.

"cyclone" Baby Bash featuring T-Pain (cover by Ernie Halter)
or more videos subscribe to my youtube channel. also you can make your own requests via myspace. just add an ernie halter song to your myspace profile and ...

Ernie Halter - Love No Limit
Acoustic version of Mary J. Blige's "Love No Limit" by Ernie Halter... Enjoy!

"no one" alicia keys (cover by ernie halter)
this song is for everyone that requested alicia keys songs. enjoy!

Ernie Halter-Come Home To Me Lyrics
Ernie Halter-Come Home To Me Lyrics Enjoy!! :D I don't own anything. All rights belongs to Rock Ridge Music and Ernie Halter. No copyright infringement ...

Angel- Ernie Halter
I do not own any rights to this song. The first time I heard this song, I was at Ernie's concert. He got off of the stage and performed it without a microphone and ...

Ernie Halter - Black Coffee in Bed
There's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was And there's ash in the pages, now I've got my self lost I was writing to tell you that my feelings denied ...

Ernie Halter - My Heart is With You
I am in Georgia, 7 am. My plane had laid over, While you laid in your bed. I hate to leave you, Wish I didn't have to. I am in Georgia, But my heart is with you.

New Ernie Halter - "I Would Look Good On You"
Ernie Halter Live at Eddie's Attic Decatur, Georgia 9-24-13 Twitter : @ErnieHalter

Jeremy Passion x Julianne - "Whisper" by Ernie Halter
Had the pleasure of working with the soulful Julianne from the Philippines during the Bayani Tour this past February. She is amazing to say the least and was ...

Ernie Halter - Just Friends
From「Starting Over」

Ernie Halter "Whisper" (LMR Show 2008)
Ernie Halter performs his hit "Whisper" on the LMR Show November 1st, 2008.

Ernie Halter - Sweetness
Living room concert in Utrecht, The Netherlands on August 15, 2014.

I Can't Make You Love Me - Ukulele Cover by Ernie Halter
One of my favorite songs in the world. Played on my MyaMoe ukulele. Hope you like :)

"Cry Me A River" (Timberlake Cover) by Ernie Halter
going out this week to April and Ashley. Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River. fans request songs and I do one each week. for more info, check out ...

Justin Bieber and Ernie Halter Duet: "Come Home to Me"
5/19/11: Justin Bieber surprised Ernie Halter and the crowd by showing up at Ernie's show at La Cave in Costa Mesa. Justin recently covered Ernie's song, ...

"See You Again" Hannah Montana Cover (by Ernie Halter)
This week's video request goes to Caden. My biggest littlest fan. "See You Tonight" Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana. You're probably thinking, "oh no he ...

Melissa - Ernie Halter
Melissa by Ernie Halter.

Ernie Halter - How To Play "Whisper"
i get a lot of requests for guitar tabs, so I decided to make this video showing you how to play one of my songs Whisper. if you'd like me to show you others of ...

Ernie Halter - Cyclone
No copyright infringement intended. (Support this artist by legally purchasing his music.)

Ernie Halter - Whisper (Piano Cover)
Whisper by Ernie Halter Hey guys, so tons of you have been asking for more singing videos. While I totally love singing, I am completely untrained and know I ...

Ernie Halter - Lisa
4.6.11 UNC-Charlotte.

Ernie Halter - "Meant To Be"
Ernie Halter covers Melissa Polinar's "Meant To Be" at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ on 4/27/10.

Pour Some Sugar On Me (Acoustic Cover - Ernie Halter)
Yep. This is happening.

Ernie Halter Love No Limit HippieSoulCafe lyrics (Lyrics) - Serving an Eclectic Mix of Neo Soul, Mood Music & Meditation for Today's Urban Hippie - Download our App in your App Store ...

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