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EvanescenceArtist info Evanescence is a Grammy-winning band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody (who left in 2003). After recording private albums, the band signed to Wind-up Records and released their first full-length album, Fallen, in 2003, which sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and helped the band win two Grammy Awards. A year later, they released their first live album, Anywhere But Home, which sold more than one million copies worldwide. In 2006, they then released their second studio album, The Open Door, which sold more than five million copies... Read more

Evanescence - Breathe No More
Artist: Evanescence Title: Breathe No More Album: Elektra the Album Release: 2005 Infos: Amy Lee is credited to writing the song while the band was recording ...

Elektra Bring Me to Life

evanescence - elektra
music of evanescence - bring me to life movie elektra.

Evanescence My Immortal Daredevil

Evanescence what you want ELEKTRA
evanescence- what you want-

"Breathe No More" (Fallen Outtake) - Evanescence
"Breathe No More" by Evanescence Elektra: The Album - Track 08 Fallen Outtake LYRICS I've been looking in the mirror for so long That I've come to believe my ...

Daredevil -- My immortal
my immortal sountrack from the movie daredevil.

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence - Tradução
tradução, musica, perfeita *-* espero que gostem (; crédits please!

Evanescence-Breathe No More {With Lyrics}
Breathe No More By Evanescence With Lyrics. This song isn't on any of there cd's its on the Elektra Soundtrack. =)

DEMOLIDOR E ELEKTRA Evanescence Going Under

evanescence (bring me to life) daredevil and elektra TDR
our rendition of daredevil and elektra doing evanescence's bring me to life.

Evanescence Bring My To Life Subtitulado Español
evanescence bring my to life subtitulado español evanescence bring my to life español evanescence bring my to life evanescence elektra evanescence bring ...

Evanescence - Breathe No More (Live)
Music video by Evanescence performing Breathe No More (Video) (Live in Europe).

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life - Letra (Ingles - Español)
Hola a todos! Aquí les vengo a dejar esta gran cancion del año 2003 Suscribete para mas videos como este! Saludos! :D.

Evanescence Breathe No More
Evanescence's song for Breathe No More from Elektra: The Album.

Elektra bring me to life
this is Evanescence song (bring me to life)

Elektra - Bring Me To Life (Bliss Mix)
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, ...

Daredevil and Elektra- Bring me to life

Daredevil feat. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Daredevil feat. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life.

Demolidor O Homem Sem Medo (Tradução)
Tradução da Música: My Immortal da Evanescence.

hello elektra!
the title says it all.

Evanescence ~ "Breathe no More" ~ Vocal Cover
A less well known song from the Soundtrack of Elektra. It's one of my favorites to sing but I had to split the tracks to make both left and right sides audible.

Imee - Breathe No More (Band Version) [Evanescence cover]
My cover of the Evanescence b-side "Breathe No More" =) I hope you like it. It's not the ballad version released on the Elektra soundtrack, but rather the "band ...

daredevil bring me to life.
a daredevil music video.

Bring me to life legendado
Desculpem pela legenda muito clara!!!

My friend had request me to make a mix video of are favorite: Resident evil, and Elektra the movie. So I did, I DO NOT OWN NAY OF THE SONGS THEY ALL ...

touched, V.A.S.T - evanescence
Music Touched By VAST From the album "Visual Audio Sensory Theater" (1998) Videos by Evanescence: Bring me to life (Fallen, 2003), My Immortal (Fallen, ...

Electra My Immortal
My name is Electra and I am a 27 years old. I am a semi professional singer and have always had a dream to start my own music career.

Evanescence (live) - What you want 18-11-2011 Mitsubishi Electra Halle Düsseldorf
Evanescence performed live at the Mitsubishi Electra Halle (the former Philipshalle) in Düsseldorf, Germany on friday, november 18, 2011. Evanescence is an ...

ELEKTRA The Album Review
Here is my full review of one of my favorite movies soundtracks. Elektra The Album. It has 15 tracks from bands like Switchfoot,Strata, Submersed, Finger Eleven, ...

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