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GonjaArtist info Gonja is originally a kingdom in northern Ghana, but it is also a popular Moscow reggae band. It was created in 2003 by Pavel Gonin, a percussionist of another famous Moscow band Neschastny Sluchai. Besides Gonin, who sings and plays guitar/keyboards, the band consists also of Nikolay Ksenofontov (percussions), Eugeny Voronetski (drums), Vitaly Mosin (guitar), Nastya Fatneva (bass), Oleg Archarov aka Dvizhok (scratching). ... Read more

Gonja - "На паузе"
клип группы Gonja - "На паузе"

Gonja: "Goonz" (Official Music Video) - Video of Gonja performing Goonz. Directed & Produced by Gonja. © 2008 Def Side Records. All Rights Reserved.

Gonja - Jamaica Гоnja - Джамайка (live)
Gonja - Jamaica Гонжа Ямайка Русские регги хиты: O2 TV Live concert Gonja.

Gonja - Lost (Music Video) - Video of Gonja performing Lost. © 2011 Def Side Mixtapes. All Rights Reserved.

Gonja - Плющит - Песня в 3 аккорда. Разбор на гитаре

Neon Hip-Hop - Gonja cover by Moskvin and Alex Dzuba
Here is the cover on awesome Gonja song by Moskvin and Alex Dzuba. They using Hip-Hop Drum Pads 24 Neon Hip Hop sound pack. Watch and share these ...

BMH - Keep That Gonja [Official Video] Shot x @1MindMedia
Big Money Hustle (Killa Co & Lil Oscar) - Keep That Gonja off "$pliff Tapes" Shot & Edited by: 1Mind Media, LLC.

Гonja и Музруки - Плющит

Gonja - "Holy Water" (Music Video) - Video of Gonja performing Holy Water. Filmed by S-Dot, Drewpy, and TC. © 2013 Def Side Records.

Gonja - Bust Yo Head (Music Video) - Video of Gonja performing Bust Yo Head. © 2014 Def Side Mixtapes. All Right Reserved.

Gonja (Павел Гонин) - Плющит

Cincinnati Hoodz DVD: Gonja (Music Video) 2011 - Video of Gonja performing Goonz for Cincinnati Hoodz DVD Vol. 1

Kesrie Persad - Gonja Lakte Sawanwa (Baithak Gana)
Recorded in 1980. Kesrie Persad was a famous (baithak gana) musician from Suriname who was known for his violin playing as well as other instruments.

Гonja -- Оставьте меня
Они научились играть рок-н-ролл, Но играют парад-алле. И если теперь не сажают на кол, То и так все сидят на...

Gonjasufi - Vinaigrette (Official Video)
Taken from the new album 'CALLUS', out now. Bleep – iTunes – Director – Joe Nankin Producer ...

L-Reed ft. Gonja - "In This Game" (Music Video) - Video of L-Reed and Gonja performing In This Game. Video editing by Def Side Mixtapes. © 2013 Def Side Records.

Gonja: Hood Freestyle [2010]! Video of Gonja (Def Side Records) in Winton Terrace/Cincinnati OH freestyling walking through the hood.

JAI BOO Feat. GONJA & LATE - DONT LOOK AT ME (Produced by TRICKSTA) Free download

Gonja - "Get Duct Taped" (Official HD Video) - Video of Gonja performing Get Duct Taped. Directed & Produced by Gonja. © 2012 Def Side Records. All Rights Reserved.

Gonja - "1 Bag/100 Rocks" ft. Muney Matterz (Music Video) - Video of Gonja performing 1 Bag/100 Rocks from new mixtape Hitman for Hire (Volume 1). Download here ...

☣*☣Gonja Mike & The Boyz 1.0☣*☣
Frosh week style mixtape, straight from the the Gonja Mike Sex Bunky and into your cavity☣*☣ #StraightOuttaMooseJaw ☣*☣ ☣*☣ ☣*☣ Mixtape Life Production ...


Chi-Baby feat.Gonja Locc & Eric King- NO BULLSHIT
Another thrilling video by 360's own Chi-Baby, Gonja, N.Philly's Eric King. This video is one of many exciting videos to come from the Hustle Style Ent team.

Gonja - "The Weed Man" (Freestyle Video)
Follow Gonja:

Gonja - Princeton Georgian Choir, Spring 2011
The Princeton University Georgian Choirs (made up of the women's choir, Dedebi and the men's Choir, Gaumarjos) presents our Spring concert, 2011. This is ...

LucoDot$ay - Gonja Ft. DaNnY
Like and Subscribe 4 more FIRE! (Leave FeedBack) Follow Us On Twitter: Snapchat: LucoDotsay Soundcloud: ...

Gonja - Losing Control ft. Jai Boo (Music Video)
Download The Single Now on iTunes - Written & Produced By Gonja. Video Filmed By S. Dot, Tricksta, and Late. © 2014 Def Side ...

"Gonja", a Georgian folk song, a ritual women's weather song, from Racha, northwestern Georgia. Performed by Christina Jonas (soprano), Alexandra Chubaty ...

They really look like gangster guys what they are but not exactly.Let's play this game.

LATE feat GONJA - DRESSED IN ALL BLACK (Produced by @trickstauk)
Taken from the album LATE - STREET SCIENCE Produced by Tricksta. Video by Available from.

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