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關喆 Grady - 想你的夜 (未眠版) Miss You Tonight (Official 高畫質 HD 官方完整版 MV)
數位音樂平台] KKBOX: Omusic: 全球華語選秀唱將指定曲「想你的夜」原創作演唱人- 關喆2014 最新專...

關喆 - 想你的夜
聽了感觸很深的一首情歌.... 歌词: 想你的夜词:关喆曲:关喆演唱:关喆想你的夜独白:你知道吗?没有你的日子我有多想你分手那天...

[EngSub] GUAN Zhe - In the Night When I Miss You 想你的夜 [The Voice of China 中国好声音]
To read English subtitles, please click CC on the right bottom of the player and click "English". The Voice of China 2012 Video List: ...

关喆 (Guan Zhe) - 想你的夜 (Xiang Ni De Ye) (Simplified Chinese/Pinyin Lyrics HD)
关喆(Guan Zhe) - 想你的夜(Xiang Ni De Ye) HD Simplified 简体Chinese 中文/ Pinyin 拼音HD Lyrics 歌词on screen and in description. Subscribe! After listening ...

想你的夜 关喆 歌词版
想你的夜(歌词*Albert99). xiangnideye GuanZhe.Grady Guan. 歌手名:关喆(guan1zhe2) 专辑名:永远的永远~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 关喆- 人物简介关喆, ...

中國好聲音 2013-02-15 對戰最強音 重慶站 關喆 - 想你的夜
中國好聲音之對戰最強音全場完整版 中國好聲音之對戰最強音 ...

关喆 - 想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye - Guan Zhe / Shila Amzah ( Mikhael Prasetya cover )
Free MP3 Download: Facebook: twitter: ...

关喆 - 想你的夜 (cover) Guan Zhe - Xiang Ni De Ye
Such emo songs are so rare these days. Blog: Facebook: Twitter:

关喆 - 想你的夜 翻唱 Guan Zhe - Xiang Ni De Ye Cover
我本身蛮喜欢这一首歌,所以就做了翻唱,希望你们会喜欢!谢谢! 鸣谢(Credits): 艾回唱片(Avex Group)

想你的夜 Miss You Tonight - 關喆 Grady (Cover by Michael Brandon Chen & Sherman Zachary)
New mandarin cover, hope you guys like this one :) Big thanks to Michael doing your magic on the keys! Comment and let us know what you think about it alright ...

Piano Cover - 想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye (Originally performed by Guan Zhe)
Hey guys! This is another beautiful chinese song, covered on piano. I love this song too much!! Hope you guys like it, leave a comment down below and don't ...

关喆- 想你的夜 (piano cover) Guan Zhe - Xiang Ni de Ye
Love this emotional song....enjoy this piano cover!

《想你的夜》 Xiang ni de ye Cover.GUAN Zhe

{NEW} Shila Amzah ft Guan Zhe || Xiang Ni De Ye || 想你的夜
Thanks For Watching Sorry For Bad Quality Audio and Melody.

[pinyin + eng sub] Shila Amzah - 想你的夜 (Xiang Ni De Ye / The Night Thinking of You) LIVE
I Am A Singer II 140221 Original Singer: 关喆(Guan Zhe)

关喆-想你的夜 - Cover by Benjamin Hum
Hi everyone!! I'm finally back with a video. I'm so sorry that i disappeared for awhile.. I will try not to do that again alright? Lastly, hope you guys would love this ...

想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye - 关喆 (Hubbabubbas Cover)
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We've been getting a lot of request for a chinese song so here's one that we really love! it's not perfect, but we're working ...

想你的夜 关喆 (歌词)
关喆想你的夜(独白)你知道吗? 没有你的日子我有多想你分手那天我看着你走远所有承诺化成了句点独自守在空荡的房间爱与痛在我心里纠缠...

[EngSub] GUAN Zhe - Understanding 关喆 领悟 [The Voice of China 中国好声音]
To read English subtitles, please click CC on the right bottom of the player and choose "English". The Voice of China 2012 Video List: ...

想你的夜 by 关喆 (how-to-play video)
Scroll down for “cheat” chords. Subscribe to my Piano Cheats channel: Piano Cheats Blog: ...

关喆 - 想你的夜 (Cover by Jean Goh)
An impromptu cover. Meep :' Follow me on Facebook!

想你的夜 - 关喆 DJ Remix

"想你的夜" - 关喆 (Xiang Ni De Ye, Guang Zhe) p.s. earphones are always recommended. x.

Laurence Larson - 想你的夜 (罗艺恒)
Chinese and English Remix of Guan Zhe's single "Xiang Ni De Ye" (想你的夜) Performed by Laurence Larson (罗艺恒) - Produced by Gad Gong (M.SICK Media ...

Kartik Kuna and Solo - 想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye (Cover)
Hey guys! In 2016, I'm challenging myself to sing in different languages as I believe the power of language and music brings people even closer to each other, ...

EXO-K's D.O - 想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye (关喆)
EXO-K's D.O - 想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye (关喆)

想你的夜 鋼琴版 (主唱: 關喆) (未眠版)
魚蛋音樂Facebook 粉絲專頁: 魚蛋音樂- 琴譜下載網站Piano Score: 魚蛋音樂- 微博: ...

Jason Chen - 想你的夜 LYRICS [HD]
First lyric video! Thought this was a good idea since no one else did a lyric video for this cover by Jason Chen. Artist: 关喆(Jason Chen Cover) Song: 想你的 ...

芊惠子 COVER "关喆/西拉 想你的夜"
record program by: WavePad/MixPad Enjoy~ = D ~Welcome everyone invite me a song to sing Thank you for Watching~

想你的夜 Xiang Ni De Ye – 关喆 Guan Zhe (instrumental cover) by Shiiirleygoh
Instagram/Twitter: @shiiirleygoh Blog: Have been keeping this song on my desktop folder for months and finally took time to properly ...

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