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hit-5Artist info HIT-5 (5 handsome idol teenagers) is a cpop band from Mainland China, consisting of five talented members. Their Chinese company is T.H. Entertainmen... Read more

[MV/HD] HIT 5 Paleni(Afraid of you) and Lyrics
Artists: Hit 5 [Kido] Wo deng zai ni men kou Kan zhe ni zuo yan jiu Yi fu he kou hong Huan lai huan qu yao hen jiu Ni zong shi bao yuan san bai liu shi wu tian ...

[ENGSUB] HIT-5 - Paleni 怕了你
MV♡ MV Subbed♡ The girl in the MV is Minah from Girl's Day. Thanks to ...

[HD] 怕了你 Paleni/ Afraid Of You - HIT 5 ft. Min Ah 민아 (Girls Day)
HIT 5 = 5 Handsome Idols Teenager Members: 段黄巍Duan Huangwei 12.08.1989 高宇Gao Yu 02.06.1989 杨帆Yang Fan\ZeMeidao 01.26.1990 董玉峰Dong ...

Hit 5 - 怕了你 (Afraid of You) Lyrics
I own NOTHING in this video. Neither the music nor the pictures, or the lyrics. Hit 5 - Scared of You Lyrics Please enjoy! and Subscribe \(^_^)/ Video made by: ...

[MP3] Hit-5 - Say You Love Me Again
Artist(s): HIT-5 (5 Handsome Idol Teenagers) Album: First EP/Mini Album Release Date: 2009.05.20 Language: Chinese (Mandarin) Genre: Cpop / R&B Record ...

HIT 5 - Paleni (Scared of You) mirror dance

HIT 5 - Nothing Does Not Love mirror dance

[ENGSUB] HIT-5 - Nothing Does Not Love 无所不爱
MV♡ MV Subbed♡ Viet Sub♡ ...

(Teaser)HIT-5 ft Minha(Girl's Day) - 怕了你 (Paleni / Scared of You)
(Teaser )HIT-5 ft Minha(Girl's Day) - 怕了你 (Paleni / Scared of You) Cpop.

Hit-5 - Paleni 怕了你 w/ lyrics

【SUB ESP 】HIT 5 SHINE ON ME 官方完整版 MV (Full)

ENG TRANS: H.I.T.5-Say You Love Me Again
New Chinese boy band H.I.T.5(Handsome Idol Teenagers 5)'s song Say You Love Me Again.

[ENGSUB] HIT-5 - Say You Love Me Again
I'm very sure that Kido GY sang bubbles instead of bags. 泡泡 clearly means bubbles so I don't know why other people still translate it wrong?? ♥Colors♥ David ...

HIT-5 paleni 怕了你 (cover by seohyun)

HIT-5 21/01/12 running+怕了你(Paleni) SinkiangTV 新疆春晚

[Fancam]Hit-5--Say you love me again排练
[Fancam]Hit-5--Say you love me again排练.

HIT-5 -Nothing Does Not Love [eng subs]

Hit-5 2012云南卫视跨年(yunnan TV) running+怕了你(Paleni)

HIT-5 Happy 5th Anniversary 2013 [Video Remix]

HIT-5 - Running (MV)
Official website ---- Link to download MV HD , here ------HIT-5 - Running (MV) Cpop ...

HIT- 5 Shine On Me 音悦大来宾现场版 13 07 04
Contact Info : CR:yinyuetai 音悦大来宾.

[ENGSUB] HIT-5 - Loving You In Every Second 爱在每一秒
The chinese title literally means "Love At Every Second". ♥Colors♥ David (Duan Huangwei) - blue Kido (Gao Yu) - green Evan (Yang Fan) - purple Dong ...

HIT-5 and U-Kiss - Friend Performance

hit-5 怕了你

[ENGSUB] HIT-5 - Running
My boy Evan Yang Fan just got married today! Congratulations to him and Mrs.Yang! I'm so happy for him! ♥ MV♡ ...

Hit-5 - Running MP3 [DL]

HIT-5 Showcase FULL

Duan & Fan. HIT-5.

Hit-5 The opening ceremony of the winter Olympics 冬运会开幕式


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