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Jamie Madrox - O.M.G

Jamie Madrox - O.M.G.

Phatso - OMG
track ten of jamie madrox's solo album: phatso.

Jamie Madrox - O.M.G. "Red Thunder Remix" (Feat. Prozak)
From The Album "Phatso Earth II" LIKE MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK:

Phatso - Get 'Em
track two of jamie madrox's solo album: Phatso.

Phatso - Freak Out
track four of jamie madrox's sol album: phatso.

Jamie Madrox - Keep On

Jamie Madrox - Freak Out

Jamie Madrox-Keep On (Boondox remix ft. ROC)-Phatso 2
I don't own any rights to this song....just made the video for fun.

Jamie Madrox - Goodbye
Phatso: Earth 2 Version.

Jamie Madrox's Fastest Raps (Compilation) 2015
Tracklisting: (Scroll over the shit, it will be easier to navigate) 1. "Bad Side" 0:00 2. "One More Body" (KMK ft. Twiztid, Blaze ya Dead Homie, and hed pe) 0:17 3.

Jamie Madrox - What's Wrong Bat?
a humorous skit off the rare Phatso Earth 2 version.

Jamie Madrox - Big Gunz feat Monoxide
Hannibal Madrox.

Jamie Madrox - 4 fist 2 Axe Handles
Jamie.. soz for that useless length, movie maker fucked it up..

Jamie Madrox - Get 'Em (Worldwind Mix)
one of my favorite trax on Earth 2.

Jamie Madrox - Big Gunz (feat. Blaze)
With some help from the PHATSO himself The Detroit Rydaz slaughter your fuckin ear drums.

Jamie Madrox - 4Fist2Axe Handles (Buckets of Blood Remix)
off the rare Earth 2 edition of Phatso.

Jamie Madrox's Goodbye [Nightmare remix]
When I first heard this song; I swore Jamie wrote this about me. I have never related to a song so much......I had to pay my tribute to Jamie Madrox. I hope you all ...

Jamie Madrox's Canon
This iz just a part of Born Twiztid comment plz!!!

Jamie Madrox : Big Gunz (BKI Mic Mix)
Track #6 from the album Phatso The Earth 2 Version.

Jamie Madrox - Circles
My take on Circles....if Jamie Madrox did it solo lol Once again, out of boredom and this was the result. Comments? MMFWCL! TRIVIA: Yes, that's me and Johnny ...

Phatso - keep on
track eight of jamie madrox's solo album: Phatso.

Jamie Madrox - Phatso Earth 2 - Full Album
DISCLAIMER! I do not own this! All rights go to Twiztid & Psychopathic Records. I couldn't find most of this album on here, So I am uploading this whole album ...

Jamie Madrox ft/ Boondox - hold on 2 me
got bored so i slapped this together in about 2 minutes its "hold on 2 me" by Jamie Madrox ft/ boondox off the end of days tour cd peace! and enjoy.

JAMIE MADROX (Take It 4 What It Is)

Jamie Madrox Tribute!
You know another one of those really boring, lame ass tribute videos. but Jamie Madrox isn't lame. I am, and i was also very bored, so enjoy, or don't enjoy i dont ...

Keep On -Jamie Madrox*(with lyrics)
No Copyright Enjoy!

Freak Out by Jamie Madrox
The song is Freak Out by Jamie Madrox. It is off his solo album Phatso. This is my first video. Enjoy and MCL!

super star-jamie madrox
a tribute to twiztid and all there fat kid chain smoken glory MMFWCL.

Jamie Madrox Compilation - Twiztid
Mix of Jamie Madrox's best rhymes. Most under-rated rapper out there.

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