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Lenny KravitzArtist info Leonard Albert "Lenny" Kravitz (born May 26, 1964. New York, USA) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, guitarist and actor whose retro amalgam of rock, pop, funk, and even techno is inspired by such music icons as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. Like Prince and Sly Stone before him, Kravitz uses a multi-ethnic, mixed-gender backing band.Kravitz plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, and sitar... Read more

Lenny Kravitz - California
Official video of Lenny Kravitz performing California from the album Baptism. Buy It Here: Like Lenny Kravitz on Facebook: ...

California - Lenny Kravitz [Cover]

Cómo Tocar California-Lenny Kravitz
Una muy buena canción de Lenny Kravitz! Mis redes sociales: Facebook: Twitter: ...

California - Lenny Kravitz (bass cover)
Love this song. Love the clip. All the Californian dream sounding in this track. And of course, a pretty cool bass line ! Added notes and riffs.

Lenny Kravitz - Where Are We Runnin?
Official video of Lenny Kravitz performing Where Are We Runnin? from the album Baptism. Buy It Here: Directed by Philip Andelman and ...

California - Lenny Kravitz Bass Cover

Lenny Kravitz - California (COVER) (LIVE)

Marsizio - California ... Cover Lenny Kravitz

California - Lenny Kravitz cover
Anche questa suggerita da Marco, uscita una caca e fatta a primo tentativo (era da troppo che volevo caricare un video nuovo e l'ho caricato, anche se venuto ...

Lenny Kravitz - California - cover band
Primo tentativo di California di Lenny Kravitz Giovanni Neri - Chitarra 1/Voce Matteo Genovesi - Chitarra 2 Debora Forli - Voce Leonardo Coluccini - Batteria.

Lenny Kravitz - California (Gianluca Cover)

ABandOn Live @ Chiuduno (Notte bianca) California - Lenny Kravitz
ABandOn Live @ Chiuduno (Notte bianca) 13/07/2013 California - Lenny Kravitz Voce: Martin Manschiebel Chitarra e cori: Matteo Caminada Chitarra: Enrico ...

Lenny Kravitz - California (bass cover)
Lenny Kravitz - California (bass cover) + Maniek w tle xD.

lenny kravitz california cover bass
para la gente yeaaa.

California (Lenny Kravitz) - StraightTones
visit also Cover des Songs "California" von Lenny Kravitz, gespielt von den StraightTones.

Lenny Kravitz - California [cover]
It's my cover of California by Lenny Kravitz. It's been made in febuary so i had begun to playing guitar for 5 months.(^_^)' Advices or others are still welcome ...

California - Lenny Kravitz (cover)
Cover de California! Todos los instrumentos y las voces fueron interpretados por Pedro Henestroza con excepción de la batería, que fue programada. Pasate ...

Lenny Kravitz - Lady
Official video of Lenny Kravitz performing Lady from the album Baptism. Buy It Here: Directed by Philip Andelman. Like Lenny Kravitz on ...

lenny kravitz cover - (california)
cover lenny kravitz california by Alby"etnairp"

California Lenny Kravitz-Cover By AlexBacio
Me playng a song of lenny kravitz with a Fender Strato=)

California- By Lenny kravitz (cover)
Please comment :) i use a Epiphone sheraton, i'm from Argentina and my name's Juan, my drummer's name's santiago, Thank you.

California - Moonflyght (Lenny Kravitz cover live)
Filippo Floris ○ Voce solista, Massimo Malerba ○ Basso e cori, Paolo Sanna ○ Batteria, Diego Soddu ○ Chitarra e cori.

lenny kravitz california
lenny kravitz california.

Austral - California (Lenny Kravitz)
"California" no Café Etílico 01/04/2007.

California Power Trio - Mix Lenny Kravitz

Hotel California Marc Anthony

Theia // California - Lenny Kravitz
Theia // California - Lenny Kravitz.

la vidria - Covers de Lenny Kravitz "California"
La Vidria - Covers de Lenny Kravitz "California"

Les « Power Chords » (30/121) Lenny Kravitz : California

california (lenny kravitz)

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