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Mr. Serv-On - Let's Get It Started (Ft. Mia-X, Master P & Silkk The Shocker) HQ
Producer / Craig B* Lyrics / I'm a snatch your heart out through your fucking chest I represent this fucking tank time to bow to the best Fuck the rest, Nigga don't ...

01 Let's Get It Started
Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance 1997 New Orleans, Louisiana -uploaded in HD at

mr serv on 01 lets get it started ft mia x master p MobTies ...

Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance [Full Album] Cd Quality
1) Let's Get It Started 2) My Best Friend 4:18 3) Head & Shoulders 9:21 4) Heaven Is So Close 14:06 5) It's Real 19:41 6) Pussy Dreams 24:07 7) Die Rich 28:11 ...

Mr. Serv-On - 5 Hollow Points (Ft. Big Ed, Fiend, Kane & Abel & Mia-X) HQ
Producer / KLC* Lyrics / Momma mia got 5 motherfuckin reasons Why you niggas shouldn't step 2 no limit CCick, clat, duck [Big Ed:] Big Ed be puttin down like ...

Mr. Serv On - Tank Nigga ft. Fiend, C-Murder, Kane & Abel , Mac, Mia X , Big Ed
Lyrics : [Fiend] Womp womp! It's that, it's that nigga. Womp womp! Mr. Serv-On in this nigga. Womp womp! KLC on the beat. It's Mr. (womp) Chorus I'm a No Limit ...

Prime Suspects - Here I Go Again (Ft. Mr. Serv-On & Mo. B. Dick) HQ
Producer - Mo B. Dick Lyrics: This world got me heartless That's why I hit the weed leave my middle finger up, I give a fuck [x2] Dear God tell me, how many times ...

mr serv on 18 last wordz ft mia x MobTies ...

mr serv on 09 you know i would ft mia x MobTies ...

mr serv on 13 tryin to make it out da ghetto ft mast MobTies ...

Mr. Serv-On - Put 'Em Up
Foolish OST Soundtrack album by Various artists Released: March 23, 1999 Label: No Limit/Priority {DISCLAIMER} I Don't Own This Song No Copy Right ...

Mr. Serv-On - I Luv It (HQ)
Created with

Mr. Serv-on - It's Real
This is a track from the album life Insurance ft. Brotha lynch hung & Master p.

Mr Serv On - 1 2 3
Lyrics : You niggaz don't fuckin know me Why the fuck y'all always lookin at me? Pissed off cuz a bitch lookin at me or cause one of yo' niggaz got a lil luv for me ...

Mr. Serv-On - Head & Shoulders (Ft. Silkk The Shocker & Mia X) HQ
Producer / Mo B. Dick* Lyrics / Yo, Silkk The Shocker, Serv-On (and the biggest mamma) Bout to rip this bitch, Think not. Believe that Trying to do somethin for ya ...

Mr. Serv-On "The Last Song"
From his sophomore album "Da Next Level"

Mr. Serv-on - My Best Friend ft Master p (Best Version) (Explicit)
No Limit Records.

Big Ed - We Represent (ft. Mia X, C-Murder, Mr. Serv-On & Silkk The Shocker) HQ
Producer / Carlos Stephens* Lyrics / See niggas be screamin TRU like it's the new thing to do, But TRU is the way of life nigga This ain't no motherfucking fad ...


NoLimitRecords Anthems {Part 1/6} 1997*
Mr. Serv-On - Let's Get It Started (Ft. Mia-X, Master P & Silkk The Shocker) # Mystikal - Born 2 Be A Soldier (Ft. Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Fiend & Mac) ...

Master P - Going Through Somethangs (Ft. Big Ed & Mr. Serv-On) HQ
Producer – K-Lou*

Mr. Serv-On "Handle Your Business"
"Down South Hustlers: Bouncin' and Swingin'" is a compilation album released by No Limit Records October 31, 1995 as one of the first releases through the No ...

Mr. Serv-On & Full Blooded - Luv 4 Me (HQ)
Producer / O'Dell Lyrics / Yo Mean Green this Serv-On, Full Blooded we gonna do this for ya baby But um we ain't feelin' too good today, thess niggas don't ...

04 Heaven Is So Close
Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance 1997 New Orleans, Louisiana -uploaded in HD at

mr serv on 02 my best friend ft master p MobTies ...

16 We Ain't The Same
Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance 1997 New Orleans, Louisiana -uploaded in HD at

Mr. Serv-On - Strap Up (Ft. Fiend) HQ
Producer – Carlos Stephens.

Kane & Abel - Gangstafied Forever (Ft. Silkk The Shocker, Mr. Serv-On & O'Dell) HQ
Producer / Craig B* Lyrics / [O'Dell] Gangstafied forever, forever Gangstafied, ya ya ya ya ya [Kane & Abel] Whats up to all my people, Kane and Abel is back ...

Mr. Serv On - Die Rich
Lyrics : [Mr. Serv-On] Time to release this terror on you Best believe in these letters across my stomach I'm gonna blast on you, piss on you fuck what these ...

Mr. Serv On-Head & Shoulders

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