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Pendulum - Coma
Track 2 on their CD, 3 Knocks. They are not the same Pendulum that made Hold Your Color.

Pendulum - Coma
Pendulum Coma. 1997 single charting at #46 in Australia in August 1997. From the album '3 Knocks'. Official music video HQ hug me til you drug me honey kiss ...

Pendulum - Coma
very ambient feeling to this track.

Pendulum - Coma (Vicious Remix Edit)
Pendulum Coma Vicious Remix Edit. 1997 remix video for the single, charting at #46 in Australia in August 1997. From the CD single. Official music video HQ ...

Pendulum - Coma (Xepp Dubstep Remix)
One of my all time favorites by pendulum.

Pendulum. Coma (Vicious Remix)
Coma (Vicious Remix) Vicious Vinyl 1997.

Pendulum - Coma (ButterBOX Vicious 21 Remix)
21 Years of Vicious: Pendulum - Coma (ButterBOX Vicious 21 Remix) Buy on Beatport: Buy on ...

Pendulum coma rare song No.3
This is my 3rd rare Pendulum song coma it is like the only d'n'b ballard i have heard and i love it so enjoy. please subcribe if you would like to see more.

Re: Pendulum - Coma Remix
a small remix made with ableton live. enjoy (this in no way a finished track) 2000 views! not bad for my second ever go at music production. thanks everyone!

Pendulum - Coma ( Kobe remix ).wmv

Pendulum's Coma
This is the original Coma, from Melbourne band Pendulum, released in the late 90s. An oldie but a goodie from their album, 3 Knocks.

Pendulum - Coma
Pendulum - Coma.

Pendulum Coma video
I just got a new video cam and decided to put together a little thing over the Pendulum - Coma song. Some basic green screen stuff with wooden statues my ...

Pendulum (Melbourne) - Coma (Vicious Remix)
21 Years of Vicious: Pendulum (Melbourne) - Coma (Vicious Remix) Buy on Beatport: Buy on ...

pendulum - coma
this is a song from an earlier band also named pendulum who were an ambient &lounge band but split up after their first album(3 knocks)

Pendulum: Coma
A 2011-es média érettségi jóvoltából készült alkotás.

Pendulum - Coma [Reverse]
Pendulum - Coma | Reverse Version. Subscribe! Add Friend Rate! xD ~~~ IGNORE BELOW [extra tags] ~~~ pendulum coma Voodoo ...

Jammo (Identity) & Pendulum (Coma) MASHUP - Decompression Room - mixed by merENDa - FREE-

Pendulum - Coma (Sytec Remix)

bumper car graveyard - coma (pendulum)
bumper car graveyard pendulum coma remix.

Coma - Pendulum

Pendulum- Coma (Vicious mix)
Double pack.. not too sure about this one, I like the 1st half but think it goes a bit cheesy 2nd half.. may take it off.

Pendulum vs Aphrodite
Pendulum- Coma Aphrodite- Chinois.

Sash 2011 Dj kat coma remix pendulum
Dj kat live @ sash 2011.

Moonwalker - Coma
Samples used from Pendulum - Coma.

Shiva Nya - Coma
Project Esthetica Mix : Pendulum- Coma & Requiem For a Dream - Crimin and Dealin.

Drawing Pete Doherty Dessin de Pete Doherty by EmmA. Baby Shambles Musique: Pendulum - Coma Tyboun-Sy.

Floating Device
Demo version of "Floating Device", as featured in the 2011 Warburton Film Festival promos. Inauditus is an electronic music project produced by the same team ...

Drum & Bass Mix (Netsky, Danny Byrd, Sigma, Pendulum, The Qemists, Feint) 720p
Decided the next mix needed to be some high tempo stuff and what better than Drum & Bass? So here it is, enjoy :) Download link: ...

2 Hours of Drum and Bass
I just want to point it out, that I've made this mix with a video editing software(sony vegas) and that's why the transition aren't perfect or the bpm are the same all ...

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