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Pendulum - Coma
Track 2 on their CD, 3 Knocks. They are not the same Pendulum that made Hold Your Color.

Pendulum - Coma
Pendulum Coma. 1997 single charting at #46 in Australia in August 1997. From the album '3 Knocks'. Official music video HQ hug me til you drug me honey kiss ...

Pendulum - Coma
very ambient feeling to this track.

Pendulum - Coma (Vicious Remix Edit)
Pendulum Coma Vicious Remix Edit. 1997 remix video for the single, charting at #46 in Australia in August 1997. From the CD single. Official music video HQ ...

Pendulum - Coma (Xepp Dubstep Remix)
One of my all time favorites by pendulum.

Pendulum. Coma (Vicious Remix)
Coma (Vicious Remix) Vicious Vinyl 1997.

Pendulum - Coma (ButterBOX Vicious 21 Remix)
21 Years of Vicious: Pendulum - Coma (ButterBOX Vicious 21 Remix) Buy on Beatport: Buy on ...

Pendulum - Coma
Pendulum - Coma.

Pendulum: Coma
A 2011-es média érettségi jóvoltából készült alkotás.

Pendulum - Coma [Reverse]
Pendulum - Coma | Reverse Version. Subscribe! Add Friend Rate! xD ~~~ IGNORE BELOW [extra tags] ~~~ pendulum coma Voodoo ...

pendulum - coma
this is a song from an earlier band also named pendulum who were an ambient &lounge band but split up after their first album(3 knocks)

Pendulum - Coma (Sytec Remix)

Pendulum - Coma ( Kobe remix ).wmv

Pendulum coma rare song No.3
This is my 3rd rare Pendulum song coma it is like the only d'n'b ballard i have heard and i love it so enjoy. please subcribe if you would like to see more.

Pendulum (Melbourne) - Coma (Vicious Remix)
21 Years of Vicious: Pendulum (Melbourne) - Coma (Vicious Remix) Buy on Beatport: Buy on ...

Pendulum's Coma
This is the original Coma, from Melbourne band Pendulum, released in the late 90s. An oldie but a goodie from their album, 3 Knocks.

Feint - Snake Eyes (Feat. CoMa) [DNB]
This song was released on monstercat 2 days ago so most of you have probably already heard this but I felt it still deserved an upload on this channel which is ...

Pendulum- Coma (Vicious mix)
Double pack.. not too sure about this one, I like the 1st half but think it goes a bit cheesy 2nd half.. may take it off.

Re: Pendulum - Coma Remix
a small remix made with ableton live. enjoy (this in no way a finished track) 2000 views! not bad for my second ever go at music production. thanks everyone!

Insecurity - Pendulum
Just uploading another tune I couldn't find elsewhere on Youtube. Couldn't find a disc cover, and my scanner's messed up so couldn't scan one either.

Pendulum - Vault [HD]
Vault by Pendulum.

Pendulum Coma video
I just got a new video cam and decided to put together a little thing over the Pendulum - Coma song. Some basic green screen stuff with wooden statues my ...

Jammo (Identity) & Pendulum (Coma) MASHUP - Decompression Room - mixed by merENDa - FREE-

Pendulum at club Egg, London on 15.04.2011
For photos visit Sorry for crappy sound guys.

Pendulum - Still Grey

Coma - Pendulum

bumper car graveyard - coma (pendulum)
bumper car graveyard pendulum coma remix.

Come with me
Music video called Come With Me, by Astral Project which was an early attempt by Andy Van Dorsselaer to break into the Dance music scene. Before joining ...

Pendulum - Karma (John B Remix)

Sash 2011 Dj kat coma remix pendulum
Dj kat live @ sash 2011.

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