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Psyclon NineArtist info Psyclon Nine is a musical group formed in 1999 and originally from San Francisco, California, United States. The band currently resides in Hollywood, California, United States and is led by vocalist Marshall Goppert under the stage name Nero Bellum.While their early efforts are generally categorized as aggrotech, later releases incorporated a disparate set of musical and aesthetic influences, notably black metal and industrial metal. They belonged to the so-called "second wave" of American harsh ebm, along with bands such as Dawn of Ashes, Die Sektor, and Tactical Sekt... Read more

Psyclon Nine - Genocide [HD]
Album: Divine Infekt Year: 2003 Label: NoiTekk.

Psyclon 9 - We the Fallen - live in Denver
Psyclon 9 9/27/09 Vendetta Festival.

Psyclon Nine - As You Sleep [HD]
Album: Divine Infekt Year: 2003 Label: NoiTekk.

Psyclon Nine - Parasitic (Metal version)
guitars and drums by me :P Enjoy!!!!! (this was made 2008)

Psyclon Nine- Flesh Harvest
The 6th track off of Psyclon Nine's album "Crwn Thy Frnicatr", 2006. I do not own this song Label: Metropolis Lyrics are in description: They have no more power ...

Psyclon Nine - "Suicide Note Lullaby" Lyrics (HD)
TO KEEP UPDATED STALK THE BAND HERE: EDIT: Le video is fixed, and now in HD, so watch ...

Psyclon Nine - Crwn Thy Frnicatr
Psyclon Nine perform the title track of their 2006 album Crwn Thy Frnicatr during the We The Fallen tour in 2009 at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Psyclon Nine - INRI - 02 - Behind a Serrated Grin
Track 02 from Psyclon Nine's INRI: Behind a Serrated Grin.

Psyclon Nine - Divine Infekt
Aggrotech band playing theyre song Divine Infekt.

Psyclon Nine- Scar Of The Deceiver
The 7th track off of Psyclon Nine's album "Crwn Thy Frnicatr", 2006. I do not own this song Label: Metropolis Lyrics are in description: Poisoned by your creed Kill ...

Psyclon nine - Harlot
Artista: Psyclon nine Genero: Industrial Álbum: INRI (2005)

Psyclon Nine - Parasitic (lyrics)
Parasitic by Psyclon Nine.

Psyclon Nine - INRI - 13 - You Know What You Are
Track 13 from Psyclon Nine's INRI: You Know What You Are.

Psyclon Nine- Harlot*HQ* (Lyrics in description)
Psyclon Nine- Harlot All rights belong to Psyclon Nine! Songtext: The withered thorns that caress my tainted flesh The shattered halo that shattered all our ...

Psyclon Nine + Imperative Reaction // Group Interview
A group Interview with Psyclon Nine and Imperative Reaction for Razorblade Society Magazine Issue 3 Done on the Ruina Tour 9/6/09 in Detroit. Triplesix ...

Psyclon Nine - INRI - 06 - Rape This World
Track 06 from Psyclon Nine's INRI: Rape This World.

Psyclon Nine - As You Sleep (Metal Version)
guitars and drums by me :P Enjoy!!!!!

Psyclon Nine - The Purging
Psyclon Nine - The Purging.

Psyclon Nine | LIVE at Club Montecarlo | Hollywood CA Sept 17th 2015
Great opening song of the night - We the Fallen. I had a great musical experience and thought we played at the top of our game that night as a trio going through ...

Psyclon Nine - Inri

Psyclon Nine - INRI
p9 - INRI, great song.

Psyclon Nine - Better Than Suicide
Este tipo de cáncer se come la suciedad lejos Corrió a través de hendiduras tan profunda tan sucia Ted el vil pesadilla de los nińos Sí esta pestilencia este ...

psyclon nine-clinic

Psyclon Nine - Suffer Well
Album: [Order of the Shadow : Act 1] (2013) Track: 3 Genre: Dark Metal Industrial Album Playlist: ...

Psyclon Nine - The feeding
Psyclon Nine - The feeding with pictures (I got bored at the end so from 2:53 till the end it's the same pic) Lyrics The cross that feeds on your mind I've seen the ...

Psyclon Nine: The Purging (A Revelation Of Pain)
I do not own the audio or any pictures in the video. All credit goes to the respective owner.

Psyclon Nine - Clinik [HD]
Album: Divine Infekt Year: 2003 Label: NoiTekk.

Psyclon Nine - Resurrekt (HQ)
I do not own this music track!

Psyclon Nine - Use Once and Destroy (Version - Alien Vampires)
Uploaded by N Void DK ATTENTION: I AM *NOT* THE AUTHOR OF THIS TRACK! Copyright © 2001-2014, Metropolis Records. All rights reserved. Title: Use ...

Visceral Holocaust - Psyclon Nine
Visceral Holocaust - Psyclon Nine. Just quickly made this so I could have the song on my site so yeah, I know its kinda dodgy.

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