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Стас Михайлов - Я вижу пустоту - Я открою своё сердце /2012/
Скачать в iTunes: Подпишись на наш канал: ...

Chikiss - Kamchatka (ЦОЙ cover)
As a child I knew nothing about the boiler room in St. Petersburg, where leader of the band "KINO" Victor Tsoi worked in 80's and he dedicated the song to this ...

DJ Graf aka Slava Lets Go (2010) Lets Go 2010 Genre "club" Artists.

Chikiss - Medlenno/ Slowly
Cinematic companionship for a song by CHIKISS from St. Petersburg / Russia. It comes from Chikiss' Mini Album "Без кислорода" / "Hypoxia" available at ...

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