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Rainey Haynes - Old Enough To Rock and Roll
Old Enough To Rock and Roll - The Iron Eagle SoundTrack ( Race ) Cesna Vs Moto Honda.

Iron Eagle - Old Enough to Rock and Roll.flv

BOTTOMS UP - Old Enough To Rock N' Roll Official Video
"Old Enough To Rock N' Roll" is the first single off our new 2017 release : "Everybody Rock N' Roll" Get now on ITunes, Amazon and all other download stores.

G`Loyd - Old enough to Rock`n Roll
Old enough to Rock`n Roll Philipshalle Düsseldorf 2.10.2002.

Red Bull - Rainey Haynes
First draft. Video craps out at the end about 20 seconds short. Having software issues, so I'll redo once I get that figured out. Enjoy.

rainey haynes-Bring On The Fire
bring on the fire-2011 -Video Upload powered by

The Souls - Old Enough.... To Rock N Roll
Trailer for CD indspillet i juli 2012.

Raid The Arcade Mix (Earnest Cline; Armada)
After reading Earnest Cline's Armada, I decided to recreate this mixtape. Happy raiding! :) ▽ Tracklist ➤ Side: A [00:02] 1. Queen - One Vision ...

Tribute To Basil Poledouris - Iron Eagle (Main Titles)
Iron Eagle Main Titles Composed by Basil Poledouris Piano / Keyboards & Video Editing : Didier Martini htt:// French Horns & Trumpets ...

" Mike Reno " ~ " Chasing The Angels " !!
" Chasing The Angels " Is My FAVORIT Song In : " Iron Eagle 2 " :P. " Mike Reno " RULE :P ;) !!

Eve "The walls came down (for rock n roll)"
From the "Armed and dangerous" OST (1986). Written by Martin Page. Produced by Maurice White and Bill Meyers.

Dio Hide In The Rainbow
From Iron Eagle another reason to be a Dio fan.

Helix "It's Too Late" (Iron Eagle soundtrack)
Version from "Deep Cuts: The Best of Helix" and "Iron Eagle soundtrack" Rock on!

Iron Eagle (Original Motion Picture Score) - Basil Poledouris (1986)
Iron Eagle soundtrack - Music Composed and Conducted by Basil Poledouris 01. Iron Eagle - Main Title (0:00) 02. Shot Down (1:59) 03. Hallway (3:15) 04.

Brenda Lee - Rock The Bop/Sepia Version
Brenda Lee - Rock The Bop Lyrics & Music - Mel Tillis/Wayne Walker. Oh, well I'm old enough to kick And old enough to rock a the bop Oh, well I'm old enough ...

Mike Reno-Chasing the angels
LOVERBOY lead singer in a spectacular solo performance for "Iron Eagle" movie back to the 80's!!Here is a movie clip I made for soundtrack fans!Enjoy!

Rainey - I Can Fly
From the 1985 movie "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery, Helen Hunt, and Shannen Doherty.

Queen - One Vision (Iron Eagle Version)
1985 Queen Productions Ltd. under exclusive licence to Universal International Music BV.

Eric Martin - Eyes of the world [lyrics]
Eric Martin. Eyes of the world. Track 6 from "Eric Martin" album (1985). Lyrics below: Subscribe for new AOR & Melodic rock videos: AOR ...

TYPHOON MOTOR DUDES - Balls & Rock 'n' Roll - official video
Taken from the album "Common Loser", released on the sublabel Go Nuts Music in April 2005.


Mike Reno - Chasing The Angels ( Iron Eagle 2 Theme )

Eric Martin - Eyes of the world ( 1986 )
When Col. Ted Masters' (Tim Thomerson) plane goes down in an Arab country and he's sentenced to death for trespassing, his 18-year-old son, Doug (Jason ...

Adrenalin - Road of the Gypsy [Lyrics]
Adrenalin. Road of the Gypsy. Track 1 from "Road of the Gypsy" album (1986). This song is included on the original movie soundtrack: Iron Eagle (1986).

Queen - One Vision (Iron Eagle)
Great video, but MTV cut the solo at the end :(

One To One - Forward Your Emotions *1985* [FULL ALBUM]
New Wave/Synth Pop/Dance/Italo Disco] Here is the duo One To One with their first album titled: "Forward Your Emotions". This album is right up my alley as i ...

Iron Eagle Soundtrack Music Video 1986
Iron Eagle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the TriStar Pictures film Iron Eagle, released on July 23, 1986 by Capitol Records. The music ...

Eric Martin - These Are The Good Times (Original Iron Eagle Mix)
I've seen people posting the 1987 I'm Only Fooling Myself album version on here and saying it's from Iron Eagle, when in fact the version on the 1985 ...

Rainey - I Can Fly (Disconet Edit by Junior Perrault)
"I Can Fly" by Rainey (1985). Disconet edit by Junior Perrault. The track was originally recorded for the film "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," starring Sarah Jessica ...

Wizz - Not too old to rock n' Roll
I Don't own the rights for this track, I'm basically trying to spread great Metal Music, so if you like the album please buy it and support the music that you like.

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