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Lee KernaghanArtist info Lee Kernaghan (born April 15, 1964 in Corryong, Victoria, Australia, is one of Australia's most popular and influential country singers and songwriters.Born in the bush, Corryong, Victoria, in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains high country is where Lee's life began. The son of a truck driver and later multi-platinum recording artist Ray Kernaghan, Lee spent his formative years growing up in the Riverina country of Southern NSW. Lee's Grandfather was a third generation drover of sheep and cattle and his experiences on the road with his Pop ran deep, producing a string of hits that began with the release of his first album the ARIA award winning " Outback Club" in 1992... Read more

Lee Kernaghan - Spirit of the Anzacs (Official Music Video)
Australia's biggest music names; Lee Kernaghan, Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll & Megan Washington unite to release ...

Lee Kernaghan - Spirit of the Anzacs (Official Audio)
Lee Kernaghan's 'Spirit of the Anzacs' charity single featuring Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll and Megan Washington is ...

Spirit of the Anzacs Lee Kernaghan tribute
a small slideshow of the men and women that survied/ surving mainly in afghanistain.

100 Years The Anzac - McAlister Kemp (feat. Ray Hadley)
Celebrating 100 years of Anzac Traditon.

Lee Kernaghan - Spirit of the Anzacs (Official Trailer)
Spirit Of The Anzacs is a collection of songs inspired by real letters from the Australian War Memorial, which tells the stories of diggers across the ages, spanning ...

Spirit Of The Anzacs [VIDEO STAR]

Lee Kernaghan - Spirit Of The Anzacs
New Layout? All Credits goes to Lee Kernaghan in no way do we own this music we simply have put it on youtube so others can enjoy it :) if you have any ...

Adam Brand - The Anzac
Adam Brand - The Anzac. Directed and shot by Ross Wood.

Rust "Spirit Of The Anzacs" Live (HD, Official) | Moshcam
Full gig here: Live at The Metro Theatre, Sydney, 26th September, 2007.

Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand & Steve Forde - Spirit Of The Bush - Music Video
Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand & Steve Forde - Spirit Of The Bush - Music Video. From the album, Lee Kernaghan "Spirit Of The Bush" through ABC ...

Spirit Of The Anzacs Backing Track Sample
Lee-Kernaghan-Spirit Of The Anzacs Backing Track Sample Download: ...

MARCHING ORDERS Spirit Of The Anzacs.wmv

The Thin Men - Sons of the Anzacs (1966)
HMV Australia (EA-4800)

The ANZAC - Official Video
Follow Adam Brand: Website: Facebook: Instagram: ...

John Williamson - Diggers of the Anzac (This Is Gallipoli)
Artist: John Williamson Album: Old Man Emu (Originally released in 1982 as "True Blue" Then re-released in 1997. Gumleaf/EMI) Track Number: 14 Lyrics below ...

I Was Only 19 - The Lancer Band (Australian Army)
In memory of those who have gone before us - the troopers of the Lancers, the 1st Armoured Regiment (AIF), and 1st Light Horse Regiment - and all Australian ...

Rust Spirit Of The Anzacs Live
spirit of the anzacs aussie oi.

Spirit of the Anzacs cover by Hannah Jones
via YouTube Capture Cover I did a few weeks ago in a comp. Not perfect. But blessed to cover a song with such meaning. Spirit of the Anzacs is a beautiful ...

Lee Kernaghan "Spirit Of The Anzacs" The Songs and Stories Tour
Lee Kernaghan "Spirit Of The Anzacs" The Songs and Stories Tour (Bunbury, Western Australia) 14.10.15.

Spirit Of The Anzacs - Mike Wilkinson
Spirit Of The Anzacs Performed by Mike Wilkinson at the 2017 Busselton Anzac Service Western Australia.

Can you hear Australia's heroes marching? - Remembrance Song.
Download the song on this video FOR FREE at You will be downloading from the official website for the song.

ANZAC Day And Remembrance Day Song.
Anzac Day was first observed by both Australia and New Zealand on April 25 1916, in remembrance of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) ...

Spirit Of The Anzacs with Lee Kernaghan
Very proud of my heritage and the Anzacs who fought so hard for the freedom and privileges we all enjoy today. Some of these photos I used are actual family ...

John Schumann - On Every Anzac Day (Official Music Video)
The song, 'On Every Anzac Day', was launched at the Australian War Memorial during a performance by the song's creator (John Schumann OAM) who wrote ...

Gallipoli - Australian ANZAC Legend - Heroes Remembrance Song.
You can download the song FOR FREE. Go to and download the song on the video for no cost. You can also ...

Rust- Rust Spirit Of The Anzacs-
Blackpool Rebellion Festival Rust- Rust Spirit Of The Anzacs- Friday 4th August 2012.

Lee Kernaghan - I Will Always Be With You (Official Music Video)
Official music video for 'I Will Always Be With You', taken from Lee Kernaghan's ARIA #1 album 'Spirit of the Anzacs' - out now:

Rust "Spirit of the Anzacs" Live at Octoberpus 2006
Camera by [email protected] en musica [] Edited by [email protected] []

Spirit Of The Anzacs - Drum Cover - Lee Kernaghan
GRETSCH DRUMS 22"x18" Kick 14x6.5"Snare 10"x8" Rack Tom 12x9" Rack Tom 16"x16" Floor Tom 18''x18'' Floor Tam ZILDJIAN CYMBALS 14" Zht High Hats ...

The Anzac by Adam Brand (Lyric Video)
This Song is Dedicated to all the men and women fighting for Australia/New Zealand and to Celebrate and honour the 100 Year Anniversary of the landing of ...

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