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Gentle GiantArtist info Gentle Giant were a British progressive rock band founded in London, United Kingdom active between 1970 and 1980. The band was known for the complexity and sophistication of its music and for the varied musical skills of its members. All of the band members, except the first two drummers, were multi-instrumentalists. Although not commercially successful, they did achieve a cult following... Read more

Steven Wilson - Regret#9 Guthrie Govan Solo Cover
Here is my cover of this amazing solo by Guthrie Govan, clearly one of my favorite solo ever ! It comes from the "Hand cannot erase" album by Steven Wilson.

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 guitar solo
My jam on the epic regret#9 solo section from the amazing hand.cannot.erase album. Enjoy! Gear: fender american strat into vintek buff'n'boost, ibanez ...

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 - Keyboard & Guitar Solo - Synth Cover
My attempt at playing the two solos from Regret #9 by Steven Wilson , from Hand Cannot Erase , originally played by Adam Holzman & Guthrie Govan. Sounds ...

Regret #9 - Steven Wilson & Guthrie Govan (guitar cover)
Low quality audio and video but it's the best I can get out of my gear :/ (little improv, no 100% accurate cover)

Steven Wilson - Home invasion/first regret #9 (COVER BY ANDHIKA SYLVIANA) HD
This video's one of the cover song that I played at my recital. and because this is probably the most fantastic and aggressive songs that Steven wilson made in ...

Sunday Rain Sets In - Steven Wilson
Released January 22, 2016 Genre Progressive rock Steven Wilson - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, autoharp, mellotron, piano, percussion, virtual ...

Steven Wilson performing, Regret #9, Melbourne, Australia, Hand. Cannot. Erase. Tour
Steven Wilson performing, Regret #9, Melbourne, Australia, Hand. Cannot. Erase. Tour.

Regret #9 - Steven Wilson (Guitar Solo Cover) [Hand Cannot Erase]
I taped myself practicing the solo and decided to upload the 'best' version I could come up with. Yet. Mistakes are a plenty and accuracy isn't promised but hey ...

CKN's Favorite Albums #6: The Many Faces of Steven Wilson
CKN on Facebook! - CKN on Twitter: @thecoverkiller Steven Wilson is a man of many ...

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 | Solo Improvisation
Been a while now, since I posted a video. I have a lot of videos planned from artists that include Sia, Grimes, Royksopp and more in the near future, so if prog ...

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 - Guthrie Govan Guitar Solo Lesson HD ( Part 1 )
Salut Cette vidéo est une aide pour ceux qui veuillent essayer d'appendre ce super solo de Guthrie Govan. Je n'ai pas mis cette fois les Tablatures, désolé pour ...

Steven Wilson "Regret #9" ( guitar solo cover )
Pas eu trop le temps de le retravailler, mais comme on m'avait prêté une Vigier Excalibur, j'ai eu envie de le tenter. Désolé pour la faible qualité de la vidéo.

KODY | Steven Wilson Regret#9 Mad Solo Improvisation
Hey guys, Here is an improvised take over the solo section of this incredible track by Steven Wilson. You can find the backing track here - Those guys did an ...

Steven Wilson Regret #9 live Paris 01/02/16

Guthrie Govan/Steven Wilson - Regret #9 (KarlosG improvising)

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 (Live at the Beacon Theatre NYC, March 5, 2016)
Regret #9 A complete recording of The Beacon Theatre show, where Steven was unable to sing for most of the show ("I have lost my voice"), instead asking ...

Home Invasion / Regret # 9 - Drum Cover Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson Regret #9 solo (by David Stanton)
Great solo by the mighty Guthrie Govan from Steven Wilson's 'Hand. Cannot. Erase.' album. Backing track and solo by David Stanton.

Steven Wilson - Live in Istanbul (full concert audio)
This was Steven Wilson's first ever visit to Turkey. Thanks Steven, for this tremendous performance and thanks for all those "miserable shit you give to us" to help ...

Steven Wilson- Regret #9 Solo Lesson 5/5
Final part of the tutorial for GG's solo at the end of 'Regret #9' by Steven Wilson.

Steven Wilson - Home Invasion/Regret #9 - Majestic Theater - Dallas,TX - 11-15-16

Steven Wilson - Pariah (Listening Video)
PRE-ORDER THE NEW ALBUM 'TO THE BONE' - After many months of writing and recording, I'm ...

Steven Wilson- Regret #9 Solo Lesson 4/5
Part 4 of the guitar solo lesson for Regret #9 by Steven Wilson.

Steven Wilson - Regret #9
Track #7 From 2015 Album Hand. Cannot. Erase. Amazon: ...

Steven Wilson Regret #9 Guthrie Govan Guitar Solo Cover By Neema Abolghassemi

Interview Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Frost*) Part 2, 21 December 2016
Find interesting interviews, reviews, and more on our website: Announcement: apologies for the bad video quality, and for ...

Steven Wilson - 4 1/2 (trailer)
The new album from Steven Wilson “4 ½” is OUT NOW, so titled because it forms an interim release between Steven's recently released fourth album Hand.

Steven Wilson - 3 Years Older (Live at the Beacon Theatre NYC, March 5, 2016)
3 Years Older (sung by Dave Kilminster) A complete recording of The Beacon Theatre show, where Steven was unable to sing for most of the show ("I have lost ...

Steven Wilson - Regret #9 (Guthrie Govan Solo) Cover - Axe Fx 2
Hi! new video :D :D Sorry for the mistakes! ESP M-II with Suhr Pickups Axe FX II.

Hand Cannot Erase (Steven Wilson) - Bass Cover (With Tabs) by Leo Düzey
BECOME A PATREON, if you like : TAB : Subscribe: ...

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