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SurfaceArtist info There are 6 artists with the name Surface: 1) Surface was an American rhythm and blues and pop music group from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s best known for its #1 pop & R&B hit "The First Time." The three piece soul vocal group formed in the mid-80's by songwriter David Townsend (son of singer/songwriter Ed Townsend (Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On")), multi-instrumentalist David “Pic” Conley and singer/songwriter/lead vocalist Bernard Jackson. The trio called themselves Surface and began recording their own material, releasing several Post-disco/early-80s-style tracks under the Surface name. They would find moderate success in the UK with their singles "Falling in Love" in 1983 and "When Your Ex Wants You Back" in 1984 (according to the Allmusic, "Falling in Love" also cracked the U... Read more

SURFACE / SAA ・オールタイム・ベスト『Last Attraction』4.28 On Sale ・UMアーティストサイト

今回のミクは冒険です。 時計回りです。 ニコニコ動画でも活動しています。 SURFACEのさぁをコピーしました。 打ち込みと生演奏ですべてのパ...

Mamotte Shugogetten - Saa [Opening Full with Lyrics]

【Matsudappoiyo Edge】 さぁ / Saa 【松田トキ & SURFACE】Sub Esp + Karaoke

【鏡音レンV4X】 さぁ (Saa) 【VOCALOIDカバー】
Song: さぁ (Saa) □ Music/Lyrics: SURFACE □ Vocal: Kagamine Len Power V4X □ VSQx: me fingers crossed.

【SURFACE ft. Matsudappoiyo】 さぁ ! / Saa ! / Hey ! (Cover)【Vostfr】
"J'ouvre le réfrigérateur...mais putain il est vide !!" Haha ! Traduction surprise après une petite absence ces derniers jours. ^^ Bon une fois n'est pas coutume, j'ai ...

Saa/SURFACE [Music Box] (Anime "Mamotte Shugogetten!" OP)
All Songs Collection [Part 1] [Part 2] #R3 Music Box's Playlists #Search for R3 Music Box's ...

SURFACE "さぁ" (guitar cover)
TAB→ pass:surface Guitar→Eternity (3:02~)→POD X3 Live.

SURFACE / さぁ [Bass Cover]


さあ!Surface BASS COVER
このビデオの情報さあ!Surface BASS COVER.

cover "VAMOS-mamotte shugogetten"
1er cover de la banda An-Sp anime mamotte shugogetten tema SAA- surface.

Mamotte Shugogetten OP - Nightcore
Song: Saa! Artist: Surface.

2009年7月20日にニコニコ動画に投稿した音源です。( まもって守護月天!のOP「さぁ」歌ってみました。 【sang it】Saa...

[HD][MMD]Touhou - Mamotte Bishamonten! [Polish subs/Polskie napisy]
Parodia openingu Mamotte Bishamonten w wersji Touhou ^^. Po wielu bojach w końcu udało mi się zrobić tak, aby czcionka była czytelna i wyraźna, niestety, ...

Saa - Mamotte Shugogetten OP collaboration
We collaborated "Saa" from the OP of Mamotte Shugogetten. I'm really appreciate Jin and Fome's help. If you like their performance, please check their videos ...

Latest Hindi Rap Song | VICHAR | Arjun Jain AJ | Rifle.V | Desi Hip Hop | 2016
Latest Hindi Rap Song VICHAR is all about the struggle in the underground #SACHIBAAT "Indian Rap ki zameen kei neechei ki gheraio sei" Join us here ...

Raito Gurafiti by Stack
ROMAJI :~ tsuki ga mieru yoru ni wa seiza tsunagu you ni asobou yo hanabira terashite bokura no raito gurafiti hikaru kiseki ukande marude uso mitai ni kirei da ...

[ L A P S E ] - A Shimmer In The Murk
All footage I captured from the ISS and it's live-stream cameras. Heavy use of video from the dark-side of the Earth which shows off the South Atlantic Anomaly.

「Toy Box」 Hatsune Miku - Escape (HD and Lyrics)
STEREO♫♪ ▻ ▻ Track 5: Escape ▻ Album: 「Toy Box」 OneRoom feat. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) ...

キセキの世代: カゲロウデイズ GoM: Kagerou Days
Lyrics in both description and video. niconico sm18166017【黒バス】カゲロウデイズ【歌わせてみた】 Murasakibara【灯油】 Midorima【ビビ】 Kuroko【きー助 】...

SURFACE - ボクハミタサレル
SURFACE / ボクハミタサレル ・オールタイム・ベスト『Last Attraction』4.28 On Sale ・UMアーティストサイト

Laila Kinnunen: "Kesäyö" ("Summer Night") [Summertime]
"Kesäyö", alkujaan "Summertime", on George Gershwinin säveltämän ja DuBose Heywardin sanoittaman "folk-oopperan" Porgy ja Bess kenties tunnetuin laulu.

Mika Vanhanen Ensemble: Kiven laulu
Kiven laulu (san. Annukka Tiitinen) Jos liitää kaiken yllä ja varoo siipiään, ei kiven pintaan koskaan voi painaa sydäntään. Jos naarmun, hiekanjyvän saat siipiin ...

Mamotte Shugogetten - Saa
El primer opening de buen anime que me ha gustado mucho asi que veanla esta muy buena XP.

SURFACE さぁ カラオケ ラフMIX
スタジオ練習用に作った音源。楽器は差し替えるので音作りにこだわってません。特にMIXもしてません。耳コピでもありません。 -Video Upload...

Futari no Kesshou-INNOCENCE- by Stack
SONG INFO :- Artist: Stack Circle(s)/Group(s): Akatsuki Records Title: Futari no Kesshou-INNOCENCE- Album: Futari no Kesshou-INNOCENCE- -to the ...

सुनो मोरे नैना,सुनो मोरे नैना..Mubarak Begum_Majrooh_Jamal Sen..a tribute
Song : suno more naina suno more naina..... Film : Daera,1953, Singer : Mubarak Begum, Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri, Music Director : Jamal Sen, Producer ...

Ulver - Hymne IV: Wolf And Man
From the 1997 album "Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne Til Ulven i Manden" ("The Madrigal Of The Night - Eight Hymns To The Wolf in Man"). © Century Media ...

SURFACE ft. Matsudappoiyo - Hey (さぁ) rus sub
Original cover video: Music/lyrics: SURFACE Tuning/Illustration: MatsudaToki [松田トキ] Vocals: Matsudappoiyo [松田 ...

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