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Debra KillingsArtist info Debra KillingsArtist – Professional Vocalist - Producer – Musician - Songwriter Debra Killings Biography Debra Killings is one of the most admired and gifted vocalists in the music industry. Her singing has been featured on releases by OutKast, TLC, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Toni Braxton, Monica, Da Brat, and many other artists' recordings. Her musical skills and flexibility to work on diverse recording projects has also made her one of the music industry's most in-demand musicians. Musician? Yes, in addition to lending her vocal talents to many hit records, Debra is also an extraordinary bass player, and shows this on recordings by Jay-Z, Nelly, OutKast, TLC and also on her own CD release, Surrender (Verity Records)... Read more

Debra Killings- Without Him
Album: Surrender (Track 17) Released in 2002.

Jesus - Debra Killings
Support Kingdom Music! Written by: Debra Killings, Michael McLymore & Tiffany McLymore. Produced by: Debra Killings Buy Debra Killings' "Surrender" ...

Debra Killings - Love
Ex Modest Fök vocalist Debra Killings and the fantastic top track from her Surrender album released in 2003. Could only find 'live' versions of this on Youtube, ...

Jam Session - Debra Killings
Jam Session,Introduce the band and singers.

Sidebar: Debra Killings- A Change
Debra Killings is an Atlanta, GA native who played a huge part in the early ATL music scene of the late 80's way into the 90's. She has sang background vocals ...

AIM Drum instructor Tom Knight with Debra Killings
Atlanta Institute of Music Drum Instructor Tom Knight (TLC, Monica, Stevie Nicks, Diana DeGarmo) performs live, in concert, with singer/songwriter/bassist Debra ...

Debra Killings (Outkast) creates a loop for Ditto X2 Looper
In this video Debra Killings (Outkast) creates a loop for Ditto X2 Looper from TC Electronic. Ditto X2 Looper product page: ...

Debra Killings - Love
Música golpel.

Message in the Music

DEBRA KILLINGS- message in the music

debra killings 'hold on''

Debra Killings - Message in The Music
Clipe da Música "Message in The Music" do DVD WOW 2004.

Debra Killings - A Change
Enjoy everyone! and remember that all is well in Christ :).

Debra Killings Ain't Nobody
Copyright - Todos os direitos reservados. Somebody told me all of your goodness It sure sounded good to me Now I was thinking if ...

Mixing, Production, Debra Killings, Mr. Collipark
Alvin Speights(2X - Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer, Multi-Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Musician Credits: India.Arie, Outkast, TLC, Arrested ...

Debra Killings (Outkast) uses her TonePrint for Flashback Delay
In this video Debra Killings (Outkast) uses her TonePrint for Flashback Delay pedal from TC Electronic. Debra created a super-smooth digital delay, perfect for ...

"JESUS" (Debra Killings)- AAME Secours
La chorale Gospel AAME chantant JESUS de Debra Killings en français. Concert humanitaire AAME Secours en association avec la soupe Saint Eustache.

Come To Me ~ Hard To Be Righteous
Debra Killings is an American singer and bass guitarist; notable for an extensive session and background vocal work for LaFace Records & Rowdy ...

Without Him part 1
Gospel songs.

Debra Killings - Love

Message in the Music (Debra Killings cover) - Grace Ikenasio
This is a cover of Debra Killings' song Message in the Music. This video was taken at the 2012 Parachute Festival.

James Ross @ OUTKAST - Ms. Jackson - Debra Killings / Omar Phillips -
OUTKAST - Ms. Jackson - Debra Killings (Bass) / Omar Phillips (Drums) -

James Ross @ (Bassist) Debra Killings (OUTKAST) - "Music Groove & Motherhood" -
(Bassist) Debra Killings (OUTKAST) - "Music Groove & Motherhood" -

DEBRA KILLING'S message in the music
musica gospel internacional.

James Ross @ Behind The Scene With Bassist Debra Killings (OUTKAST) - www.Jross-tv.comt
A short snippet of super bassist Debra Killings of OUTKAST..........


Jesus - Debra Killings
This song was recorded at the Good News Gospel Explosion in Diamond, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies.

Alyah Kay is rocking the mic @ Woo session in tha Jimmy Woo "Message in the music - Debra Killings"
Here is Alyah Kay singing gospel song "The Message in the music" from Gospel artist Debra Killings, d.d. 16th January 2011. Very soon is coming more!!!

Debra Killings- Message in the music
Bass solo by Jun.

Debra Killings - Jesus (Live) (Drum Cover)
2003 Zomba Recording Corporation.

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