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Takayoshi OhmuraArtist info Takayoshi Ohmura (大村孝佳 Ōmura Takayoshi) is a Japanese musician popular as a rock guitarist. He was born on December 26, 1983 in Osaka. He started learning piano at the age of three. By the age of 11 he had started to play acoustic guitar moving to electric guitar at the age of 14... Read more

Takayoshi Ohmura (BABYMETAL)ー The Cataclysm
0:00 ESP Snapper Custom :pickups: (neck) DiMarzio HS-3 (bridge) DiMarzio HS-3 3:31 Fender Stratocaster :pickups: (neck) DiMarzio Virtual Vintage solo ...

Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm

Takayoshi Ohmura / The Cataclysm (Guitar Backing Track)
Play this song, if you can!!

Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm
From Power of Reality.

Takayoshi Ohmura-The Cataclysm(cover)

Rogers - Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm (Guitar Cover)
A cover of Takayoshi Ohmura's The Cataclysm on guitar.

Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm (Official Video)

Takayoshi Ohmura ''Arpeggio Theme'' VBOX7.flv
Awesome player!!...

Rocksmith 2014 Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm (Lead)
Please come with song suggestions. Tuning: Eb Std.

The Cataclysm
The Cataclysm という曲を弾いてみました。 全力で耳コピしましたが、完璧ではないです。 でも一生懸命弾いたので良かったら最後まで聴いてくださ...

The cataclysm 2
excelente ejecucuión... muy limpio...

大村孝佳-The Cataclysm

中学生ギター 大村孝佳「The Cataclysm 」
大好きな大村孝佳さんの曲を耳コピしてみました♪ 、チキンピッキングが下手ですが 大目に見てやって...

大村孝佳(Takayoshi Ohmura) - The Cataclysm (Cover)
若き超絶ギタリスト 大村孝佳さんの曲です。 この人の曲は手を出すべきではなかった・・・。 本人↓ 参考に...

ayame 大村孝佳さんの『The Cataclysm』 を弾いてみた。
ayameです。これから更にパワーアップしていきます。どうぞ応援&コメント宜しくお願いします! 桃山社中もこれからのayameを全面的に応援して...

The Cataclysm (By Takayoshi Ohmura) covered by Kousuke Sakuma
It was too difficult!!!!!!!!! so,I got a wrong considerable point... I watched some other videos of this song, but they performed with Ohmura's lead playing in piles.

Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm Guitar Cover
Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm Guitar Cover Just for fun. Some major screw ups here and there.

Takayoshi Ohmura - High works (Guitar Cover HD)
Hope you like it ! If so, feel free to subscribe and leave a comment it helps me a lot :) Here is : My personal Facebook Page ...

Takayoshi Ohmura - The Cataclysm
Power of Reality- 2005/11/25 ...

大村孝佳 The Cataclysm cover
大村孝佳さんのThe Cataclysmを耳コピしてみました。リズムがgdってます(笑) 難しすぎて完璧に弾けるきがしません。

The Cataclysm cover
HELLo! This is my cover of Takayoshi Ohmuras song, The Cataclysm. Hope you enjoy! Also, if interested, check out the band I'm in ...

Ohmura takayoshi - The cataclysm - guitar cover
its was so hard to me , haha The mistake place is all of this song. omg...

Takayoshi Ohmura vs Norifumi Shima.flv

TOP 1O Solo's Of Takayoshi Ohmura
This is my TOP 10 Solo's of Takayoshi Ohmura, A Japanese Gorgeous Western-Style METAL/HARD ROCK Shredding. He ALSO Played/Join on tour for CROSS ...

How to Pick like Takayoshi Ohmura大村孝佳 + Talking about my guitar! :)
Hey guys, due to popular demand, I made a video tutorial about Takayoshi Ohmura style picking. I could be mistaken about how it's done, but I've researched it ...

『The Cataclysm』 を弾いてみた。【大村孝佳】
A Video i found on, I thought you'd like it. THIS IS NOT ME! I found his youtubechannel: ...

Takayoshi Ohmura - The Night of USA (Album Version)
The Night of USA from the album Devils In The Dark. I realized this album(CD) version is not on Youtube. Single and Live versions vocal by Doogie White are ...

Test the Ohmura's guitar by guess2

大村孝佳 Takayoshi Ohmura New Album [-Devils In The Dark-] Special Bonus DVD
大村孝佳 Takayoshi Ohmura guitar demonstration "Shadows Of Eternity" & My favorite and most commonly used techniques.

Marty Friedman Vs Takayoshi Ohmura - Live Guitar Duel In Madrid
Guitar duel in "Sala Heineken" Madrid, May 11, 2011 with Marty Friedman and Takayoshi Ohmura. Fantastic.

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