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The Top 35 Songs from Sport Genre Video Game Soundtracks! | 2012 Games
Wazzup guys, a little project i've been working on for a while now. Subscribe, do what you'd like. Comment your own suggestions or opinions! Took a while to ...

Time to Move On (Tom Petty Cover) feat.Leslie Stevens - Hi Ho Silver Oh
Song at the end of Californication Season 6 Episode 11.

Classified @ Evolve 2013 - Oh Canada
Classified @ Evolve 2013 - Oh Canada.

Come & Get It (Remix) - Selena Gomez ft. Sali V
Follow Me: Just a quick track I put together as a thank you for those who supported me ...

Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)- Rihanna ft. Eminem
the second part to Love The Way You Lie from Recovery Album This obviously is not my song so give props and recognition to the recording artists and their ...

PAYDAY Live @ Blacksheep Montpellier 07-12-2012 - final

Remember The Name- Fort Minor ft. Styles Of Beyond
We don't own this music. Please keep in mind before watching that this song contains inappropriate words. Enjoy! MUSIC ONLY, NO LYRICS AND NO VIDEO.

Krayzie Bone - Get'chu Twisted Official Music Video

WWE Wrestlemania 29 2nd Custom Theme "Comeback"-Redlight King
(c) 2013 Redlight King.

Stand Behind the Music - Anjulie
Rogers Arena - March 25th, 2012.

Thrift Shop- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft. Wanz
I don't own this song, look up the music video from the creators of this song on YouTube. Search "Thrift Shop" and you'll find it. Just the song: NO LYRICS AND ...

Eminem - Till I Collapse - Lyrics
please subscribe!!!!!!!!

Carabou Lou - Tech N9ne LIVE at 919 May 23, 2011
Was a siickkkk concert!

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites- Skrillex
We don't own this song. Hope you enjoy. If you could take two seconds out of your day to click that like it helps us a lot :) Comment your opinion of the song!

From Time Pt. I (Freeverse) - Sali V
This is something I threw together. I know it can be hard just trying to get by in life, and I just needed to vent. So I did. I WILL BE RELEASING A PART TWO TO ...

Classified Live Canadian Tour 2013
CAW hall st catharines ontario played april 25th kayo and quake and classified.

Classified - Pay Day (Live)
April 12, 2014 Hedley - Wild Live Tour Opening Band @ Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre, BC, Canada.

These Kids Wear Crowns " Jumpstart"
This group from BC showed alot of spunk and loved their act. Full of energy @ Summer Rush August 6, 2011 I was jumping with them.

Classified in the Go! Winnipeg Studio
He's got a new album, a new label and is currently on tour; Classified joins Tracy to talk about how his life both professionally and personally.

Take This City - Classified Live 2013 Like On Facebook and share.

Redriver Ex Classified inner ninja 2013
Sorry about the screaming and Bad sound.. Taken on my iphone.

Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton (Sali V Freestyle)
Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: I'M BACK! Decided to celebrate my ...

Live For - The Weeknd ft. Drake (Sali V Freestyle)
IT'S FREE STYLE FRIDAY!!! It's been a month since I've put out a track, so I thought I'd put together something real quick. Thanks to all my subscribers and to ...

Drake- I Get Paper -Ft. Kevin Cossom
We don't own this song. Attention, this song contains offensive and inappropriate language. NO LYRICS AND NO VIDEO. Enjoy!

Anybody Listening - Classified LIVE
Barrie Molson Center February 27. 2012 Hedley*** - Kay, Karl Wolf & Classified.

Crackpipe Lullaby (Original) - Mitch Tonez
Not my song, Just sharing the song and lyrics to help get his music out there. Kid clearly has talent.. More coming soon, just need more time on my hands .

Major Tom (HANDS UP) - Hedley
Tried to get the whole part, but it reminded me of the Jacob I fell inlove with on Canadian Idol! This ones for you mom :) Sorry I couldn't get the whole thing!!

Classified in Toronto Mmva 2013
Inner Ninja. sorry for not filming the whole song. :D.

Alyssa Reid - Alone again LIVE
August 6, Summer rush halifax 2011!

The Ending Performance of Hedley
Barrie Molson Center February 27. 2012 Hedley*** - Kay, Karl Wolf & Classified Put on a GREAT show!! Definitley a life changing experience for me.. I LOVE ...

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