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Gran Turismo 4 - Moon Over The Castle [Extended Orchestral Version]
This is The Full Version of The Gran Turismo 4 Theme.

Moon Over The Castle GT5 Version
GRAN TURISMO 5 ORIGINAL GAME SOUND TRACKより Guitar:安藤まさひろ(Masahiro Andoh) Drums:坂東慧(Satoshi Bandoh) Bass:須藤満(Mitsuru Sutoh) ...

Moon Over The Castle/安藤まさひろ Guitar Cover
今回はMoon Over The Castleを弾かせていただきました! (・∀・)ノ この曲は色々なアレンジの物がありますが、やはり自分が一番印象深いのが初代GRAN...

Moon Over the Castle ( ムーン·オーバーキャッスル) - Masahiro Andoh
Classic theme from Gran Turismo Series. This one taken from GT1 (1997). I do not own anything, of course.

【GT6版】Moon Over The Castle
GT6内で聞くことができる新しい編曲のMoon Over The Castle です。 とある条件をクリアするとギャラリーで聞けるようになります。 曲名:Moon Over The...

[Gran Turismo]「Moon Over The Castle」オリジナル・アレンジ by #stoppaz
ストッパツ です! Facebook→ Twitter→ ↓ ↓ ↓ Instagram→ ...

Moon Over The Castle (Full Song Cover)
Moon Over The Castle by Masahiro Andoh - T-Square covered by David "dctw" Chin.

Gran Turismo - moon over the castle -
今回はグランツーリスモのmoon over the castleを弾いてみました。これ聴きながらの運転はデンジャーゾーンくらい危ないですw 初のライン録音にな...

T-Square - Moon Over The Castle Drum Cover
In the first of my video game drum covers, here's Moon Over the Castle from the Gran Turismo series. Thanks again for your views, comments and subscriptions!

Moon Over The Castle - GRAN TURISMO 2
Hi. My name is Kyana. This tune is "Moon Over The Castle" of "GRAN TURISMO 2". Enjoy:) グランツーリスモ2から「Moon Over The Castle」です。大半が耳コピです ...

Gran Turismo 6 Intro Moon Over The Castle Version
a tracksound.

Gran Turismo 5 Soundtrack - Moon Over the Castle (GT5 Version)
"Moon Over the Castle" music from Gran Turismo 5.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Moon over the castle
GT5P's version of the main theme of the series, by Vince DiCola and Doug Bossi.

Gran Turismo Piano Solo ~ Moon Over The Castle (GT2版)耳コピ・ピアノアレンジ
NOTE: Re-uploaded due to sound being too soft in the first version. A tribute rendition of one of my most favorite video game pieces of all time. I've been wanting ...

"Moon Over the Castle (X-spec mix)" - F-Zero X style
If the theme song for Gran Turismo was a song in F-Zero X, it might sound something like this. This version is based off the GT3 (A-spec mix) version since it ...

Gran Turismo 4 Theme Moon Over The Castle
Very nice music...

Masahiro Andoh - Moon over the castle (guitar cover)
This is a Gran Turismo theme song made by Masahiro Andoh.

グランツーリスモ BGM - moon over the castle GT1 replay ver
リプレイ時moon over the castle.

Moon Over Ruined Jackie Evancho...(with poetic lyrics)
"Kojo No Tsuki"...The mention of it's name brings sadness to the hearts of the Japanese people as they remember old times and the way things use-to-be.

Andy's - Moon Over the Castle
From the 1996 album "Andy's", which anticipated the soundtrack from the Japanese version of Gran Turismo. Track 1 Composer: Masahiro Andoh Guitar: ...

Moon Over The Castle TAB譜[TuxGuitar]
グランツーリスモの歴代OP[MoonOverTheCastle]のTAB譜です。 上からリードギター、セカンドギター、ベースです。 ドラムとギター適当に作ったんで変か...

グランツーリスモのMoon Over The Castleを弾いてみた ‐ ニコニコ動画(原宿).flv

Gran Turismo - "Moon Over The Castle" 【Rock Guitar Cover】 by Ferdk
Moon Over The Castle from Gran Turismo, rock guitar cover by Ferdk This song is part of my VG Covers Vol 2 album, get it here: Loudr: or ...

Gran Turismo 4 - Masahiro Andoh - Moon Over The Castle (Orchestra Version)
Gran Turismo 4 - Masahiro Andoh - Moon Over The Castle (Orchestra Version)

Gran Turismoテーマ [Moon Over The Castle] 姉貴にイントロ弾かせた (ピアノ)T-SQUARE
ギターやドラムで音楽活動をしておりますヒロアケッチと申します。 T-SQUAREの曲でゲーム[グランツーリスモ]のテーマにもなってるMoon Over The...

Moon over the Castle - Backing Track (Masahiro Andoh)
Download Link This is the backing track of the song "moon over the ...

Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Lyric Video]
Watch the offical video: Stream or Download Castle On The Hill: ÷. Out 3rd March: ...

Moon Over The Castle
Song from Gran Turismo Kicks. Synthetic vs The Antidote - Moon Over The Castle (GT Theme Long Remix)

【Cover】Moon Over the Castle
I've played the "Moon Over the Castle" theme song of "Gran Turismo". I hope you enjoy. -- ドライビングシミュレーション「グランツーリスモ」のテーマソングである、...

Kōjō no Tsuki (Moon Over the Castle Ruins)
Kōjō no Tsuki (Moon Over the Castle Ruins) by Rentaro Taki.

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