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ThresholdArtist info Threshold are a progressive metal band from the South of England, consisting of Damian Wilson (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Richard West (keyboards), Steve Anderson (bass), Johanne James (drums) and Pete Morten (guitar).Formed in the late 1980s, British progressive metal frontrunners Threshold combined influences of heavy metal and progressive rock to craft their very own trademark style that was a far cry from the contemporary sound of the time. The original Threshold line-up of Damian Wilson (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Nick Midson (guitar), Jon Jeary (bass), Richard West (keyboards) and Tony Grinham (drums) released the highly acclaimed debut album Wounded Land in 1993. The albums Psychedelicatessen (1994), Extinct Instinct (1997) and Clone (1998) followed and were accompanied by tours with combos such as Dream Theater, Psychotic Waltz and Pain Of Salvation... Read more

Threshold - Paradox (live video)
he makes big generators chewing up the atmosphere he learns the secrets of nature then destroys her without fear see him burning the fruits of his labours and ...

Threshold - Paradox
album: "Wounded Land" (1993) Lyrics: He makes big generators chewing up the atmosphere He learns the secrets of nature then destroys her without fear See ...

Threshold - Paradox (Live in Paris, 2002)
Artist: Threshold Title: Paradox Album: Concert In Paris Year: 2002 Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal Origin: UK Lyrics: he makes big generators chewing up the ...

THReSHoLD - Paradox (Demo)
Demo from the "Cult Of The Immortal", 1991 Karl Groom - Guitars, Keyboards Nick Midson - Guitars Jon Jeary - Vocals, Bass Tony Grinham - Drums Available on ...

Threshold - Wounded Land 1993 (full album)
Thresold - Wounded Land 1993 (full album) Tracklist: 1. Consume to Live 0:00 - 8:15 2. Days of Dearth 8:16 - 13:45 3. Sanity's End 13:46 - 24:06 4. Paradox ...

Threshold - Paradox Live At Kerkrade - 24/03/2011
Paradox Live @ The Rock Temple Kerkrade Netherlands

Threshold - Paradox (Club Mix)
Artist: Threshold Title: Paradox (Club Mix) Album: Decadent Year: 1999 Genre: Progressive Metal Origin: UK Lyrics: he makes big generators chewing up the ...

Threshold - Paradox live
Threshold - Paradox live with Andrew "Mac" McDermott.

Threshold - Colophon
Album : March Of Progress Year : 2012 Country : United Kingdom.

THreshold - Secrets
THreshold @ IHG after party 2013 Vocals: Melanie Guitar: Leon, Chee Chung.

Threshold - Sheltering Sky
The song Sheltering Sky, of Threshold's album Hypothetical.

THRESHOLD - 'Lost In Translation' (OFFICIAL TRACK)
Taken from the album 'LEGENDS OF THE SHIRES'. Order: | SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube: ...

Threshold - The Rubicon
The voice has returned and the result is overwhelming. This epic piece of music is just one of many beautiful ones on the new album. This song is just to enjoy, ...

THRESHOLD - Pressure
Music video from Threshold's album, "Subsurface" released in 2004. Check the official Threshold site for more info at

Art of Paradox: Paradox (Threshold)
Art of Paradox: Viola Zoltán-dob, Kemény Zsolt-basszusgitár, Triesz László-gitár, Viola Miklós-billentyűk, Viola Zoltán-gitár, Viola Csaba-ének Felvétel 2013.

Threshold - Critical Energy 2004 dvd (full show)
Full show 1. Phenomenon 00:37 2. Oceanbound 06:10 3. Choices 12:30 4. Angels 21:04 5. Falling Away 27:50 6. Virtual Isolation 35:06 7. Innocent 41:08 8.

Threshold - Choices
Proviens de l'album 'Critical Mass' en 2002. Un des meilleur groupe britannique de metal progressif. Line-up: - Andrew 'Mac' Dermott / vocals - Karl Groom ...

Threshold - Sunseeker
Appears to not be uploaded to youtube anywhere, so took matters into my own hands. :P Threshold's Sunseeker from the Psychedelicatessen album.

Threshold - Sunseeker (Studio Version)
Threshold - Sunseeker from the 1994 album "Psychedelicatessen" I've spread my wings, I've cut the strings My puppet days have died I've prayed until I have ...

Threshold - The Iniquity of Time - Audio Paradox
Get a free copy of Audio Paradox's The Iniquity of Time from the archives of Flaming Fish Music, available in both FLAC and MP3: This track ...

Threshold - Opium
Threshold's song Opium. Album: Subsurface.

Threshold - Intervention
Threshold is a progressive metal band from United Kingdom. This song was at first released in 1992 and in 2001 included as a bonus track on the remastered ...

Threshold Verviers 6.11.09
2nd encore 'Paradox'

'Watchtower On the Moon', recorded live at various venues across Europe. Order the album: SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast ...

THRESHOLD - Mission Profile (Live 2004)
Uploaded in memory of former Threshold vocalist Andrew 'Mac' McDermott who died on 3 August 2011. This was one of his last performances with the band, ...

Threshold Live Interview with Richard West @ March Of Progress Tour 2013
Threshold band facts: Origin: England Genre: Progressive metal Founded: 1988 Website: Current members: Vocals: Damian Wilson (1991-1993, ...

Threshold - Sanity's End
Album: Wounded Land (1993) Lyrics: He's just another victim of the system's bloody knife A problem evader, an escapee of life A temporary soma not yet ...

Official lyric video for THRESHOLD "Don't Look Down" SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to Threshold YouTube: ...

Threshold - Opium (Synthetic Remix)
from the album "Replica" (2004). This is the remix of the song Opium. Normally, I don't like remixes like this but I love this one. It's fun.

THRESHOLD - Phenomenon (Critical Energy DVD)
Threshold with Phenomenon from the Critical Energy DVD. Check the official Threshold site for more info at

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