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TRYMYSHOESArtist info Post-rock Band From ThailandBua : vocal,synthesizer,marching bellWat: GuitarSoh : GuitarTle : BassWong: Drum&Casiotone ... Read more

Trymyshoes -Not Mine Not Mind

TRYMYSHOES - Sun Then Moon
trymyshoes post-rock band from Thailand ...

TRYMYSHOES / I Lost My Car, So I Walked Home
Album: Finalkid 4

TRYMYSHOES - NOT MINE NOT MIND / VIDEO Artist : Trymyshoes TMS Title Song : Not Mine Not Mind Video by indieSiam.

demo อุ่น- TRYMYSHOES.

SEXY Reviews Try My Shoes Live at Who Am I#2 We are a Bangkok based independence music promoter, aiming to elevate innovation from the "other" Asian music industry into its ...

Nikk Dust - Try My Shoes (Lyrics-video)
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Inspirative - อุโมงค์เวลา [Official MV]
อุโมงค์เวลา (Time Tunnel) by Inspirative from album “Mysteriously Awake” Music video by AUTOSAVE STUDIO Director: Nuttapong Tonhirunmas Creative: ...

Follows - Soulkeeper [Official MusicVideo]
follows Bangkok based Post-Rock Dreampop Shoegazer band. Music Video by Win Liewpairat Lyrics and Music by Follows, Mix and Mastering by Noppanan ...

Napat Snidvongs - Fruits
Artist : Napat Snidvongs Album : Fruit.

Inspirative - Why

Moderndog-someone หนึ่งคน

Brahma Brahma - Chladni Chandi feat.น้อย Pru
ost.pawn shop(2013 film) introducing//// ...ก่อน (Before) | Gene Mahasmut Bunyaraksh

Yanin - ไม่มีสิ่งใดไม่ชัดเจน (Nothing Is Unclear) | Sofar Bangkok
Yanin performing "ไม่มีสิ่งใดไม่ชัดเจน (Nothing Is Unclear)" at Sofar Bangkok on October 10th, 2015 Click here to come to a show in your city: http://www.sof...

A Thousand Miles ( c o v e r . ) // ญาณิน
Guitar : Y O U T U B E ( i cannot remember where did i get this track , :( sorry ) Photographer : Holygraphy " นกลั่นไปหน่อย contact ...

วิมุตติ : Vimutti : ヴィムッチ - ปล่อยให้น้ำตามันไหล และตะโกนออกไปให้สุดเสียง ( Official Music Video )
Music Video by Tada Hengsapkul เธอบอก เธอไม่มีใคร คอยปลอบ ยามที่เธอทุกข์ใจ เธอหนาว เธอเห...

Goose - ลั่นทม
Artist : Goose Title : ลั่นทม Album : 20 Guns Pointing In Your Face (2005)

Inspirative - Felicity is Out There [MV]
ศิลปิน Inspirative เพลง Felicity is Out There อัลบั้ม Memories Come Rushing Up to Meet Me Now [2010]


greasy cafe' — แสงของไฟ
Album: EP.Fat T-Shirt 8.

TIME - Try My Shoes (Prod. StewRat)
From Overgrind 3 Artist Producer

TIME - Try My Shoes (Prod. StewRat) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
From Overgrind 3

try my shoes (c)
try my shoes playing " on a plate" at christophers bar.

Try My Shoes

try my shoes - on a plate
shanes lounge.

try my shoes with new member.

try my shoes - wrecked live
the first out of 4 times we've played it without fucking up.

try my shoes - hopeless
playing at the black market.

try my shoes on a platesss
a few different times we've played on a plate put together into one video.

Away the Ways - 5 o'clock

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