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UVERworldArtist info UVERworld (ウーバーワールド) is a Japanese rock band known for their mixture of musical genres such as hard rock, electronic, and beat-boxing. UVERchan, the band's mascot, is a fictional bear-bat like character, which appears on several of their covers.The five-member band known as UVERworld first formed in 2003, and were known as Sound Goku Road(sound極road) or, more popularly, "Sangoku Road." The band originally consisted of seven members, and released a demo CD which ended up selling 3,000 copies... Read more

UVERworld 『7日目の決意』at 熊本B.9 2016.12.7

UVERworld - Nanokame No Ketsui
Music video by UVERworld performing Nanokame No Ketsui. (C) 2015 Sony Music Records

UVERworld / 和音〜over the stoic 【ギター】

UVERworld 『WE ARE GO』at 熊本B.9 2016.12.7
2017.04.23 AbemaTV にて放送。

Mob Psycho 100 Full opening『MOB CHOIR - 99』
Mob Psycho 100 Full OP song『MOB CHOIR - 99』English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese & Japanese Subtitles TV Anime "Mob Psycho 100" ...

UVERworld ナノセカンド.

[AUDIO] UVERworld - 26 Singles (15's)
ALBUM 2006 Timeless: D-tecnoLife / CHANCE! / Just Melody 2007 Bugright: Colors of the Heart / Shamrock / Kimi no Suki na Uta 2008 Proglution: endscape ...

光るなら/Goose house
2017年4月のGoose house Streaming Liveは 4/22 20:00(JAPAN TIME)START! 詳しくは 2014年11月19日リリース! フジテレビ“ノイタミナ” ...

UVERworld (で) またやってみた
【過去の動画】 UVERworld (で) やってみた 【Re:make】UVERworld (で) やってみた

UVERworld Revolve

UVERworld Collide Arslan Senki - OP - Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai Kore wa Boku-tachi no Kotoba 2015.

Amaizing Drum solo From the movie Whiplash

Nom Nom Covers - Bleach Openings 1 to 7
Ready for some delicious covers? Nom Nom Covers presents: Bleach Openings 1 to 7!!! Yeah, another super special anime edition :D "Un-YouTubed" version: ...

Top Anime Opening/Ending Songs (of Summer 2016)
A few years ago at an anime convention I bought this grab bag that ended up having a figurine of one of the girls in Rewrite in it, and you know at the time I had ...

LMN J Music Top 30 Countdown 2012.09.20 ~Chapitel 34~ (incl. Chapitel 32, 33)
The end is near, but 2012 is far from over. The next wave of potential new Debuts include gems from highly-favored artists, such as Versailles, Matenrou Opera, ...

45 Anime Openings Summer 2016 Medley (Drum Cover)
WinNAnime - Anime Openings 2016 Medley Drum Cover. 45 Songs + 2 Songs Bonus List of Song (A-Z) : • 91 Days – TK from Ling Tosite Sigure - Signal • Active ...

Uverworld - Proglution Album Remixes
Turn on captions for lyrics. This is remixes from a few songs in Proglution album by Uverworld List of song remixes in Proglution albums -EXPOD DIGITAL ...

UVERworld- Yasashisa no Shizuku (Female)
Female version album Female version of Yasashisa no Shizuku by UVERworld. To listen in high quality please watch ...


愛笑む×UVERworld LIVE映像

UVERworld (で) やってみた
【最新作】 UVERworld (で) またやってみた 【リメイクVer】 【Re:make】UVERworld (で) やってみた

UVERworld - Interview
WHAT'S INのインタビューです^^

abingdon boys school feat Takuya∞UVERworld 蒼焔 SOUEN
abingdon boys school.

「Ao No Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Extended Opening」UVERworld - Itteki no Eikyou (一滴の影響)
ω`○) Open me kohai (○´ω`○) ▻Song: UVERworld - Itteki no Eikyou (一滴の影響) ▻Anime: Ao No Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen ▻Wallpaper: ...

UVERworld CM集
D-tecno LIFE~GOLDまでw Timeless~LAST・Neo Sound BESTまでw なぜかAwakEVEと儚くも永久のカナシが二つあるというパターンw.

UVERworld Lump of Affection
"UVERworld" の 次の アップロード について 知りたいなら, チャンネル登録してください. ビデオを共有することを忘れないでね (^-^) □Si quieres...

UVERworldのTAKUYA∞ 35歳誕生日ということで文字無しですが作ってみました。曲は「在るべき形」です♪ Sweet Moviesでかわいいムービーつくろうよ♪...


Puzzle and Dragons Cross Full opening『WE ARE GO - UVERworld 』
Puzzle & Dragons Cross Full opening Puzzle & Dragons X Full opening PazuDora Cross Full opening パズドラクロス Full opening.

TVアニメ「モブサイコ100」OP -Mob psycho 100 - MOB CHOIR - 99 Full Version/「路人超能 100」- op 完整版
Lyrics: Romaji(ロ-マ字) If everyone is not special Maybe you can be what you want to be sorezore no kotae mitsukaru darou 1%,2%,3%,4%,5%,6%,7%,8%,9% ...

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