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Jean Michel JarreArtist info Jean-Michel André Jarre (born in 24 August 1948, Lyon) is a French composer, performer and music producer, regarded as a pioneer of electronic music. He is well-known for huge outdoor shows which feature lights, projections, lasers and fireworks.Jarre hold four Guiness World Records for biggest concert audience: Place De La Concorde (1979, 1 mil.), Rendez-Vous Houston (1986, 1... Read more

Vangelis - Metallic Rain
Metallic Rain é uma canção do álbum Direct de Vangelis. É uma verdadeira viagem de emoções, música para se ouvir com todos os sentidos.

Vangelis- Direct- Metallic Rain
Track by new age musician and composer Vangelis from his album Direct.

Vangelis - Metallic Rain

Vangelis - Metallic Rain - 432 Hz, Cut version
CREDIT ⏩ Erwin Schroedinger

VANGELIS metallic rain.wmv
Vangelis, un génie de la musique.

Vangelis - Will of Wind Metallic Rain

VANGELIS - Metallic Rain ( Instrumental )
Video (audio) tema del álbum Direct de 1988 ....

Vangelis - Metallic Rain
From album Direct 1988 year

Vangelis - Earth - My Face In The Rain (1973)
For Vangelis Fan. Earth - My Face in the Rain (1973) Group of Vangelis Fan on Facebook:

Mettallic Rain - Jean Michel Jarre

Vangelis - Metallic Rain
Widziane przez wlasne oczy.

Vangelis - (Direct) Will of the wind + Metallic rain
This unknown music tempted me unknown for about 15 years. Now it's finally identified. Enjoy!

CITY of RAIN (Vangelis - Metallic rain)
Having a year's stay in London and I must say that you never get bored in this capital of Europe. The unpredictable weather is good howver in a weird way.

Metalic Rain
Vangelis & Jean Michel Jarre.

Elsewhere - Vangelis
Elsewhere -The Universe is music.

Poles (google earth) - metallic rain
This is what you see if you zoom in on earth's poles on google earth. With music by vangelis 'metallic rain'

METALLIC RAIN.Mick David.Daddy Kool Kow.Good Afternoon Records.
METALLIC RAIN.Mick David.Daddy Kool Kow.Good Afternoon Records.

Vangelis My Face In The Rain

Metallic Rain ~ Original Song by Guitar Ran
Double Bass Mania 2 Beta Monkey drum loops composed by me. Me on Bass and Guitars. Thanks much for listening and Stay Inspired. BIG PEACE ~Randy~

Titanium Dragonfly - Metallic Rain [HD]
Part of the upcoming Phoenix album Metallic Rain was the interesting mix between an ambient / EDM / Trap style that I had in my mind - So i worked hard on ...

Vangelis - Intergalactic Radio Station
re-uploaded with way better quality. artist: vangelis album: direct.

Vangelis - Elsewhere
vangelis elsewhere album: direct.

Enya - Echoes In Rain
Enya - Echoes In Rain The first single from Enya's 'Dark Sky Island' - out now: iTunes: ¦ Amazon: Follow Enya on: ...

Vangelis - Direct (Album Review)
Unofficial website Originally released: 1988 Remaster: 2013 Label: Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red Records Greek composer and ...

Vangelis - Earth - My Face In The Rain
Vangelis - Earth - My Face In The Rain.

Vangelis - Message
This is a track from Vangelis's 1988 album, "Direct" - and one of my personal favorites from the artist. The video consists of several images of extrasolar planets.

Vangelis Katsoulis: "Let by Rain"
from the Album "Silent Voyage", released by Utopia. Paolo Fresu trumpet Tanya Nikoloudi vocals Takis Farazis piano Arild Andersen bass Paul Wertico drums.

Tears in Rain
Blade Runner reinvented soundtrack.

Vangelis - Reve
Memories of Green (cover-piano)

Vangelis - Sweet Solitude (Blade Runner)
ностальгия nostalgia.

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