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Jean Michel JarreArtist info Jean-Michel André Jarre (born in 24 August 1948, Lyon) is a French composer, performer and music producer, regarded as a pioneer of electronic music. He is well-known for huge outdoor shows which feature lights, projections, lasers and fireworks.Jarre hold four Guiness World Records for biggest concert audience: Place De La Concorde (1979, 1 mil.), Rendez-Vous Houston (1986, 1... Read more

Vangelis - Metallic Rain
Metallic Rain é uma canção do álbum Direct de Vangelis. É uma verdadeira viagem de emoções, música para se ouvir com todos os sentidos.

Vangelis- Direct- Metallic Rain
Track by new age musician and composer Vangelis from his album Direct.

Vangelis - Metallic Rain

Vangelis - Will of Wind Metallic Rain

Vangelis - Metallic Rain - 432 Hz, Cut version
CREDIT ⏩ Erwin Schroedinger

VANGELIS metallic rain.wmv
Vangelis, un génie de la musique.

VANGELIS - Metallic Rain ( Instrumental )
Video (audio) tema del álbum Direct de 1988 ....

Vangelis - Metallic Rain
From album Direct 1988 year

Mettallic Rain - Jean Michel Jarre

Vangelis - Earth - My Face In The Rain (1973)
For Vangelis Fan. Earth - My Face in the Rain (1973) Group of Vangelis Fan on Facebook:

Elsewhere - Vangelis
Elsewhere -The Universe is music.

Vangelis The City - Morning Papers

Vangelis - (Direct) Will of the wind + Metallic rain
This unknown music tempted me unknown for about 15 years. Now it's finally identified. Enjoy!

Vangelis - Metallic Rain
Widziane przez wlasne oczy.

CITY of RAIN (Vangelis - Metallic rain)
Having a year's stay in London and I must say that you never get bored in this capital of Europe. The unpredictable weather is good howver in a weird way.

Metalic Rain
Vangelis & Jean Michel Jarre.

Vangelis - Vangelis: Rosetta Timeline (Rosetta)
Order from the Official Store: Order from Amazon: Order from iTunes: Inspired by ...

Vangelis - Elsewhere
vangelis elsewhere album: direct.

Poles (google earth) - metallic rain
This is what you see if you zoom in on earth's poles on google earth. With music by vangelis 'metallic rain'

Vangelis - Earth - My Face In The Rain
Vangelis - Earth - My Face In The Rain.

Vangelis - Come To Me
Vangelis - Come To Me: One touches into deep...

Vangelis The City - Dawn

Vangelis - Blade Runner - Blush Response
Music from Blade Runner.

Vangelis - Messages
Isntrumental music composed by vangelis with beautiful images from Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

Vangelis - Sweet Solitude (Blade Runner)
ностальгия nostalgia.

METALLIC RAIN.Mick David.Daddy Kool Kow.Good Afternoon Records.
METALLIC RAIN.Mick David.Daddy Kool Kow.Good Afternoon Records.

Vangelis Katsoulis: "Let by Rain"
from the Album "Silent Voyage", released by Utopia. Paolo Fresu trumpet Tanya Nikoloudi vocals Takis Farazis piano Arild Andersen bass Paul Wertico drums.

Creation du Monde-Vangelis (full version)
From the 1972 TV documentary soundtrack and also from the Cosmos soundtrack, set to some astronomical images. *If you are someone who objects to the use ...

Synth Sense - Metallic Rain [DSMDIGI003]

Synth Sense-Metallic rain
Deep Soul Music. OUT NOW!!!! Its on the Intelligent Systems EP volume 2 Rights belong to Deep Soul Music and Synth Sense.

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