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[KTV] 王菲 - 彼岸花 (Faye Wong - Flower of Paradise)
Karoke version From her Fable album.

Flower of Paradise
Musik zum Relaxen mit Ricky King Created with MAGIX Fotos auf CD DVD.

王菲 - 彼岸花(2011年11月27号 -哈爾濱 )
Faye Wong - Flower of Paradise (11-27-11) Harbin audio-digital audience remastered video-slideshow 2011-2012.

Faye Wong (王菲) - Flowers on the other shore (彼岸花) Live 2010
Faye Wong (王菲) - Flowers on the other shore (彼岸花) Live in 2010. Due to a lack of a proper release, we decided to edit the best we can to enjoy this ...

花的嫁紗 Wedding saree of the flower(王心凌 Cyndi Wang)鋼琴 Jason Piano
馬上訂閱頻道,隨時聽到最新的鋼琴音樂 聽更多Jason Piano流行鋼琴音樂 FB ▻ IG ...

王菲-百年孤寂 (Faye Wong - Century of Loneliness)
Karaoke version From her Only Love Strangers album.

王菲 - 你快樂所以我快樂 (Faye Wong - You're Happy, So I'm Happy)
Karaoke version.

王菲 《誓言》(Faye Wong - Pledge)
Faye Wong's famous "Pledge" from her classic 1994 albums, Random Thoughts and Sky. It was a significant milestone for popular music in Asia as one of the ...

Faye Wong 王菲 - Hypnotized 催眠 MV
MV of "Hypnotized" from "Only Love Strangers" (只爱陌生人) album (1999)

Chinese music, music box, (王菲)Faye Wong's album
Warning: There are shot noises between musics, sorry about this. Notice: These is a Faye Wong's (a famous singer in China) album, I delete three songs from ...

王菲 -守望麦田 [Faye Wong - Guarding the Wheatfield]
Karoke version Also includes lyrics (though no audio) to century of loneliness (百年孤寂). From her Only Love Strangers album.

Faye Wong - Lotus in the Snow
This is Faye Wong's version of a classic Teresa Teng song. It's from her Decadent Sounds of Faye CD.

Heart of Glass - Faye Wong
Heart of Glass - Faye Wong.

Faye Wong Live in HK 1994 [Full] 王菲94香港演唱会 [完整版] - Part 03
5.Dance Medley a) Miss You Night & Day b) Summer of Love c) 又繼續等d) Everything e) 不再兒嬉.

Faye Wong-Other Shore--王菲-彼岸花(concert art)巡唱 HD
Grass Jelly Studio 仙草影像工作室2010.

王菲 - 雪中蓮 (faye wong - lotus in the snow) feat. K-Sensei
So, I got bored one day and decided I wanted to sing some random Chinese song. I spent 2 weeks in the Georgia Tech library with a Chinese/Mandarin ...

王菲 - 只愛陌生人 (Faye Wong - Only Love Strangers)
Karaoke version. From her Only Love Strangers album.

Faye Wong 王菲 - Vertigo 迷魂记 MV
MV of "Vertigo" from Faye Wong's 2001 album.

Faye Wong - Xuan Mu (pv)
Faye Wong - Xuan Mu (pv)

Faye Wong-Jiang ai
A very great song of Faye Wong.

Faye wong-Love Letter to myself
It's a very very nice song!!! Faye Wong is really the best!

Faye Wong-Hero
The song of the great movie Hero, beautiful!!

王菲 - Passing Years 流年+ Wandering Red Dancing Shoes 流浪的红舞鞋MVs
Combined video of 2 MVs from Faye Wong's 2001 album.

Faye Wong-王菲 - 你喜歡不如我喜歡
An other beautiful song of this fantastic singer Faye Wong.

Faye Wong - Dream Person
The song of the movie Chunking Express,very beautiful. It's a chinese version of a song of the Irish group The Camberries.

Faye Wong 王菲 - I Love You 我爱你
Video of theme song of movie "I Love You" sung by Faye Wong.

Faye Wong 王菲 - Idiot 白痴 MV
MV of "Idiot" from Faye Wong's 2001 album.

Faye Wong and Tony Leung-You are the only one
A beautiful song of the movie Chinese Odyssee.

王菲 - 我願意 (Faye Wong - I'm Willing (Wo yuan yi))
Karaoke version Probably one of the most popular cover songs.

王菲Faye Wong---天空
王菲Faye Wong---天空.

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